Monday, October 7, 2013

You know my steez.

Highbrow, lowbrow.   Terrible quality and high def.   Weird, glittery and inspiring.

Here are some of my current fav video gems:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Microsoft groveling

I interrupt my nonposting (ah!! so much Cali traveling to tell you about!!!)  to post a video- because I feel guilty for not posting.  So I'm compulsive posting.   

The message of this latest Microsoft campaign is:  "You've grown up and so have we."  Totally digging that concept.   And while the video sort of annoys me at times (mainly the voice over), it's incredibly well shot and well stylized (?).   With that said, may I recommend putting it on mute and playing your favorite jam in the background.   Enjoy!

cc:  Lauren Rabinowitz for the link! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go West


Backstory:  some of my MIP (most important people) have moved from NYC all within the past year and a half.  I call it the Great Western Migration.    Thankfully all of my friends have been incredibly happy with their respective moves (and I'm so happy for them) but sadly,  I've been wandering around NYC like a lost puppy in their absence.   I miss my friends.   

I got an email from Frontier advertising a killer, killer "Go West" sale the other day.   After a quick call to each MIP, I said aloud to my computer:  "Why yes Frontier, I will Go West. 

Over the next 10 days I'll be bopping around to LA, San Francisco and Seattle and I'm literally BOPPING around with joy.  

 This is the sign in the Denver Airport for an ATM.  Dumb question:  does ATM stand for Automated Teller Machine?  Should I have just asked that?   Shit pretend I didn't ask that.  (but does it?)

Shoeshines are one of my secret joys in life.  At a particularly tubular shoe shine during my Denver layover, Denise, my awesomely manly shoeshiner took a blowtorch to my boots.   She also told me that her favorite shoe to shine is ostrich leather because when she rubs it it's like a massage for her too.  It wasn't as creepy when she said it, I promise.   

Convos with pals. 

Whilst writing this post. (Ginger tea not pictured)
I mean...could I be any happier right now?  May I gently remind you that it's 10 degrees at home.  10.   THIS WAS A PHENOMENAL DECISION. 

I haven't seen friends yet, or really done anything yet, so hopefully these posts will get better!  Have a great day everyone!   

Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Solo dance party

I don't know if you've seen this already but...I's absolute perfection.  Try not to smile, come on. Try it.   It's amazing.

This video inspires me.  Sometimes I go "run" along the East River.  That is really code for me turning the Spice Girls Pandora station on full blast and run/dancing.  Run/dancing is awkward.  Basically it's running and trying to hide the fact that you're really dancing.  Which ends up looking like a combination of the following:

Run (arm flies up in the air and waves around) 
Run (stop in place and butt shake)
Run (turn in a circle)
Run (pump fist the air) 
I've even caught myself doing the Chandler dance a couple of times (mainly 
anytime Bitch by Meredith Brooks comes on)

This video inspired me to screw the pretense of running and just DAAANCE all along the East River.   I should probably start documenting this.   

Flashback Friday- Scaredy Cat

Random baby Lara pic.   Accessorizing since 1986.

Story time!  In NYC, some apartments are heated by steam pipes that run throughout the home.  Sometimes these pipes make banging and hissing noises as the steam expands through them.  It's kinda an NYC thing and you generally get used to it (always creepy but tolerable).    Well in good ol' apartment TA, it's no longer tolerable.  I've been woken up at 4am all this week to banging noises so intense that it shakes my bed.  This intense banging has happened before and I'm told it's normal by the building maintenance people. But I'm sorry,  THIS CAN'T BE NORMAL.  I swear it sounds like they're about to break.  And annoyingly, it's the worst in my bedroom.  

So last night I was shaken awake by the bangs, and it was so loud that I was actually terrified.   Even my plant, Herbie, was swaying in his pretty pot.  It was awful.  After tossing and turning and jumping at every crash and bang, there was only one thing I could do.   Get in bed with Liz

Her room was so cool and so quiet and her blankies so warm.   The banging was immediately dissolved into a scary memory of the past.  She moved over and let me hop right in. As I laid there wide awake with a mild case of PTSD, I was struck with a sweet thought:   18 years ago she let me climb into her bed at camp when I was homesick.   A lifetime has passed, we've grown up, and now it's those damn steam pipes.... and there is Liz and her bed, still making me feel better when I'm scared.  

Circa '10- lookin gooood ladies.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Viva La Fishnette

Let's kick off this return to blogging with a hard-hitting bang shall we? That's right, I'm talking about nail stickers. I decided it was time to give them another go so last night (after meandering around CVS for way too long) I settled on the fishnet. Ask me why the fishnet. I'll tell you. The butterfly/flower/glitter motifs felt so Spring AND the gold base of the fishnet looked really good with the the coat I was wearing. Fishnet it was. I said this blog post was going to be hard-hitting, I do not lie. 

While normally I have a very positive relationship with these adhesive bits of fun (documented here and here). Last night just wasnt my night. 2 nails into it and my ADD kicked in. I instagrammed, flipped the record like 3 times, danced a wee bit, wrote this blog post and ate popcorn. An hour, 400 calories and only 2 glitzy nails later... I finally continued. Reason #3852 WHY I PAY PEOPLE TO DO THIS FOR ME

Verdict is: its a tad subtle. Turns out when I take the time to sticker my own nails I want the full out BAM effect of butterflies or glitter or something. You live and you learn.
Ta da!  

Another verdict: Side B on Petula Clark's "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener" album is officially unlistenable. I may be cheery but there's only so much blind positivity and uptempo beats a girl can take. Sorry Petula.

Listen to: Petula Clark: Black Coffee here.  (One of the songs I thoroughly enjoyed on side A not side B)