Thursday, June 2, 2011


No I diiii'dnt.

Oh yes I diiid!

I have leopard print stickers on my nails la la la.


Look at how happy I am! La la la la la.

Ladies (not gents, gents will undoubtably be skipping this post): I've become obsessed with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects stickers (as previously blogged about here) and I think you should too. They're $10, they're easy breezy to put on, and they last 2 WEEKS. I recommend doing them after you've recently gotten a manicure but are ready for a polish change so that your nail shape and cuticles need little maintenance. The nail stickies are sold at most drug stores and come in a beautiful variety of solid colors and fun prints, yay la la la!

I love the glitters and the neons and the butterfly one looks pretty cool too but nothing, NOTHING compares to my love for the leopard print (officially called Kitty Kitty). Are you surprised? No, obviously not. BUT this is big problemo because they're sold out everywhere. So just imagine the squealing sounds I made when I found a box the other day at a Walgreens. 30 minutes, 1 park bench and 1 lunch break later! Ta da! Rawwrrr.

Go buy them like right now. Take pictures. Send to me.

Peace, love and pussycats,

Action shot?

In love.

"lo-lo-lo-l.o.v.e" -Ashlee Simpson

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