Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh hot damn, this is my jam.

I don't do enough food reviews. Sometimes I post recipes that I like (omg, check out the latest post on NoblePig- yum) but generally I don’t really describe my day to day eating adventures. I like to leave it to the pro’s. But sometimes there is a food that so stands out I just have to tell you about it.

I’m in love, positively in love with Jell-o Mousse Temptations in Dark Chocolate Decadence. Let me preface this by saying that the reviews online are not very kind and Jaime literally spit it out into the sink after I spoon-fed her a bite. But Jaime also doesn’t like any food besides lettuce, frozen yogurt, vegetables and cheese. Not exaggerating.

The mousse. Oh my god. The mousse. Ok here’s what I love about it in no particular order:

The texture: It is…mousse like. Go figure. Really silky and light and smooth. A lot of the complaints online and by my wifey (Jaime) was the texture. I say it rocks. My opinion rules.

The taste: It tastes like brownie batter. Delicious, amazing, delectable brownie batter. Not at all artificially sweetened tasting and there is no bad after taste like other no-sugar snacks.

The packaging: The individual little cups are just a simple solid black. It’s discreet. I feel like I’m enjoying a little secret, and not at all like I’m advertising the fact that I’m enjoying a guilt-free snack.

My one and only con: It is definitely a cup of processed food. Like 4 straight oz of not one thing natural. The sugar, the texture, the color, the taste- all engineered in a little factory in rural Minnesota for my consuming pleasure. Whatev. It’s kind of like how you turn a blind eye to the highlighter orange color that stains your fingers after a pleasurable Cheese Puff experience. It’s not supposed to be natural and that’s what makes it AWESOME.

Fireworks in my mouth.

I can’t stop talking about this stuff. It’s like my crack. I think about it when I cook dinner. I think about it when I wake up. My day now is in anticipation of a 4oz of sugar-free snack. That is not at all weird; I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Omg and last night…I got really crazy….I PUT ONE IN THE FREEZER!!! I know, it’s just too much. I’m like a crackhead at work right now thinking about the little treat sitting in my freezer waiting for me to get home. I’ll let you know how it goes. I have a feeling I might not even go out tonight. I’ll be on my couch crying and thanking god for the amazing gift.

Mazel Tov

Excuse me everyone... WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE OBSESSION OVER CHELSEA CLINTON'S WEDDING? Sorry, pardon my caps lock but I DON'T GET IT. Please tell me you have noticed this absolute media obsession going on right now. Ummm when did the world start caring about Chelsea Clinton? Oh right, when she discovered a hair straightener. She's getting married! Yay!

Side note: While I have always liked Chelsea, my real true love of the Clinton administration was Socks Clinton... remember him? It was the white paws that got me. Funny story really fast: My family has always played a game called the Initial Game, it's kind of like 20 questions. You give the initials of someone and the other people have to guess using yes/no questions who the person is. It's great for dinners and long car rides, or other times when my family has nothing left to say to each other. The funniest initials that goes down in Wilinsky history were SC for Socks Clinton given by my Dad. ("Is this person political?" "Yes, kind of" "Is this person famous?" "You could say so") Runner up for the next best initials were WB for Wolf Blitzer given by my brother when he was like 6.

Anyway...what was my point? CHELSEA WATCH 2K10. If you've been living under a rock, I'll describe what's been happening. For the past few weeks, Chelsea Clinton's upcoming nuptials to investment banker, Marc Mezvinsky have led every major news program I've watched. Here, here, here, here, here to name a few. My favorite headline comes from Politico: "Chelsea's Wedding, What We Know." Can you say media obsession? There are countdowns and dress analysts and segments on "how to get her look for less." There has even been a no fly zone instituted over part of New York to prohibit paparazzi helicopters- all covering the wedding of a girl who they only started caring about after she kind of got pretty after many excruciatingly frizzy-haired, awkward years in the White House. Yesterday on the Today Show, they had Natalie Moralis on location for like 5 minutes (broadcasting eternity) then pitched to a full blown interview with 2 party planners to analyze everything from the guest list to the toilets. This went on for additional 5 minutes. I was sitting there, getting ready for work, with my jaw dropped.

Ok fine. Bill and Hill are 2 of the most prominent people in country. It's the First Family. She used to be ugly, now she's pretty. The wedding will cost (an estimated) 5-15 million dollars. I just happen to think it's hysterical that she has never exactly been treated as America's Sweetheart and then gasp! someone put a ring on the ugly duckling and now the country cares. I just hope they keep it classy, like my true favorite First Family, and have a 6ft tall giant granite cross for the photo ops.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yo, you're the weakest link. Peace out.

Here's little bit of amazing for you on this fine Thursday evening:

Jermaine, what position in American football is abbreviated QB?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sometimes I don't have enough time in the day to write all of the posts that are swirling around in my head. Sometimes I go for days without being inspired to write a single one. Hello world, I'm uninspired. Then I feel lame and unproductive and it makes me as sad as you to click on Glitter Me This and see that it hasn't been updated. Then I found a dollar.

Check out this vintage Wilinsky gem.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday!!!!

I originally wanted to post N'Sync's "Money, Money, Money" music video. Hey hey it's Friday night and I just just just just just GOT PAID. Money money money money. But wa waahhh I can't find it online. So instead I'm posting the single greatest moment in broadcast television history: Britney's 2000 MTV Awards performance. You're welcome.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maine mixtape vol. 2

I know, I know, I know. The most loyal of the Glitt'o Babes out there (I'm looking at you, Emily and Grammy) have probably been wondering where my big, promised Maine wrap up went. Here's the thing. I wrote the intro. It was hysterical. Seriously, some of my best writing yet. Here's the other thing, I don't know if I've told you this before but I do most of my writing in the notes app on my iPhone while riding the subway. So I get going on this great post. Seriously- it was pretty funny. I'm comparing Greenwich, Connecticut to Cher's neighborhood in Clueless, I'm describing my love for animal crackers that come in plastic bears. Really solid stuff. Then I realize that the notes app is totally malfunctioning and has deleted what I had just spent like 3 subway trips writing.

ARGGGGGG. So I realize this, start hyperventilating in the line at Trader Joes, mildly start crying and text a couple friends looking for some sort of sympathy. While I appreciated everyones condolences on my oh so terrible loss ("But you totally don't understand, I wrote soooo much." "I know, Lara, life is really hard.") They didn't actually help me get the content back. Feeling defeated, I decided I just don't want to write the wrap up anymore.

The trip was amazing. We had a blast. The zipcar worked out perfectly. The camping was oh so fun. I ate a lot of animal crackers and a thing called a Pork in a Oven at a random restaurant in Maine (BBQ shredded pork cooked in a homemade loaf of bread washed down with a wild blueberry wheat ale. Ya...). We danced, we sang, we blew bubbles. And with that, my friends, the Maine trip is officially wrapped.

BUT fear not, the Maine mixtape series is still going strong. Click the links below, download the goodies, turn off the lights in your room and dance around in the dark. I think it will be good for you.


Source of my summer motto "dance the way I feel"

Ok here's the thing about this song, I downloaded it randomly without hearing it because I thought the name was funny. So when it came on in the car on the roadtrip I like died. Whaaaat is this!? I don't even know but I've literally become obsessed with it. It's not even a good song. It's actually pretty bad. But I sing it in the shower and when I'm walking down the street. Can't get enough. Thought I'd share.

Try to not love this song. Impossible I tell you.

Smooth and sexy. Kind of how I like my men...

I like these Doctor Rosen Rosen remixes even better than the originals. They're grrrrreat.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glitt'o Pix

My roommate, Jaime, makes homemade chocolate cookies that are so incredible I wish I could feed them to you electronically right now. You just have to try them to believe it. I can' pretend you know how good they are. Last night, Jaime made all my dreams come true by filling an empty animal cracker bear with her magical bits of buttery perfection. I almost don't even want to eat them it looks so beautiful. Almost.


Heat sits. No where to blow, move, disperse.
Condensed. Trapped. Stale.
Sweat drips. Suck in the air.
It radiates from the concrete ground, stone buildings, overheated people, buses exhaust. No escape.
I want to cut through.
I want to unzip.
Step out, breathe.
Sweat drips.
Heat sits. No where to blow, move, disperse. Trapped.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missing a piece

The complexities of workplace relationships are hard to describe. Coworkers are the people you spend the majority of your time with. You eat with them, and share jokes with them and fight with them and grow with them. However, these relationships are often times left at the door at the end of each work day only to be picked right back up each morning. But undoubtedly- they are some of the most important and influential relationships in our lives.

I've often struggled with how to define Dave. My coworker? My husband? My boo? Nothing really seems to fit or suffice. He's my creative partner, my solace on a bad day. He finishes my thoughts, completes my sentences and understands me better than most of my best friends.

We first met while working on Table for Twelve, a reality show on ABC. We bonded while working by ourselves in the ABC basement one weekend. I had gone out the night before and realized at about 3am I had forgotten my keys and had to sleepover at a friends house. I showed up to ABC at 7am, totally frazzled and in a silk mini skirt and heels. In that not-at-all-embarrassing outfit, I proceeded to have to work 48hrs straight with my new friend, Dave, by my side. Since that weekend running barefoot down the halls at ABC, he still hasn't left my side.

For the past year, we've followed each other from job to job. When he accepted a position with NYCTV, it felt natural to go as well because my other half was there to make it feel like home.

Yesterday was Dave's last day. He took an amazing opportunity at MTV. It all happened quickly as it often does in our field and before I knew it...he was gone. He's not here anymore and the loss feels profound. We shared food, and stories and always took breaks at the same time. He always bought me sticky buns (and then tried to get me to eat them) and he would drop anything he was doing to help me with whatever I might need. Our 9-5 lives were in tandem and I'll have to adjust.

Work relationships are complex and mine and Dave's was no exception. We'd rarely see each other outside of work. We don't mix groups of friends or try to go to the same parties on the weekends. I know about his life and he knows about mine but with a respectful distance. And yet, I feel closer to him than anyone. What is he to me? My best friend? My coworker? For now, it might be the end of this chapter- but I know he's still there by my side waiting for the next time we'll be back together.

Midday inspiration

My new, awesome, temporary roommate works for a great website called Rent the Runway- picture Netflix for designer dresses. It's awesome. I've been shopping around for the perfect look for my birthday and the highly anticipated Sarah Zurovsky/Hayden Galler wedding over Labor Day. Loving some of the looks I'm seeing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Uncle Tony would be proud

Thursday, July 29. Brooklyn Bowl. Who's with me?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Z-Tripping out has consistently provided me a with slew of great nights since moving to NY. Their daily emails have kept me satisfied with hot parties, great music videos and often times, crazy nights of debauchery. Trusty GBH really came through on Wednesday night. Before I start tooting their horn too much I should say that the event totally and completely sucked. No biggie. I'll explain.

I love a DJ named Z-Trip. Do you like GirlTalk? Cool, Ztrip originated that shit. He is the father of the mashup. He doesn't tour, he doesn't play too many concerts. I've always wanted to see him live- very very rare to do. It turns out Z-Trip was DJing a private party for the launch of the new video game Hot Pursuit: Need For Speed at the Classic Car Club. Invite Only. Enter GBH. Ohh GBH. I love you. I want to make out with you.

GBH let me know about the event (Actually Robbie read about it first and alerted me. I want to put it on record that Robbie is a 100x bigger z-trip fan than me and was greatly missed on Wednesday night) and they provided an invite to the open bar event.

Well, the event was a disaster. Apparently, GBH wasn't the only promotor behind the night and it felt like half of NY was there. It also felt like the organizers had never planned a party before. Paulina and I were about 3 minutes away from storming in and taking control. We arrived 20 minutes early and there was already a line down the street and around the block. We finally got in about an hour later and it was sheer pandemonium in the form of long lines, loud video game displays and a weird combination of hipsters and hiphoppers. The free drinks were gross, the people weren't the classiest bunch I've ever seen but here's where the ranting stops and the happiness and exclamation points begin.

First of all, I went with the best posse I could have ever asked for. My ABC bff's- Emily and Paulina and Emily's friend (and my friend too!) Meg. We shook off the bad vibes of the weird event around us as I tried to explain to them that.. guys, this isn't just any DJ. He is an ARTIST. Copious amounts of blue vodka drinks, a police photo-op, and a few video game demos later.....Z-trip! Z-trip finally came on! He tore it uppppppp. Metaphorically ripped it to shreds. Side note: He sampled TechN9ne AND Atmosphere during his set- excuse me what? I freaked. Ztrip represented the midwest in NY.
It was pretty clear that there weren't too many people there that actually knew who Z-Trip was so there was this devoted posse standing around his little DJ table. Eventually, the posse turned into a full out dance party. A very, very sweaty dance party. We were in heels. We danced and danced and took pictures and had a blast. It was such a great time, with such great friends.

We ended the night with cheap pizza and beer at Crocodile Lounge followed by a big sleepover at Casa de Wilinsky.

Bathtub feet soaking due excessive dancing in heels.

A lovely night had by all. Brought to you by, Ztrip, and ABC News.


Noble Pig packed a one, two punch yet again. Her most recent posts have left me salivating and craving a good dinner party. I usually judge recipes by the following criteria (in no particular order): Prettiness, yumminess and # of ingredients I need to buy/price. Both of these bad boys look simply delish and the best part is, I already own almost all ingredients needed. Score! I need an excuse to make these recipes. Who's coming over?

Recipes and photos borrowed lovingly for GlitterMeThis from

Corn and Basil Cakes
Adapted from Eating Well

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup whole milk
2 large eggs
2 Tablespoons canola oil, divided
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
2 cups fresh corn kernels (about 2 large ears) or frozen (thawed)
1/2 cup chopped basil

Whisk flour, milk, eggs, 1 Tablespoon oil, baking powder, salt and pepper in a medium bowl until smooth. Stir in corn and basil.

Brush a nonstick skillet (I used my crepe pan) lightly with remaining oil; heat over medium heat until hot (but not smoking). Cook 2 cakes at a time, using 1/4 cup batter for each. Pour the batter onto the skillet (batter will be very thick) and pat down a bit with the back of a spoon, but leaving them thick. Cook until the edges are dry, about 2 minutes. Flip and cook until golden brown on the other side, 1 to 3 minutes more. Repeat with remaining oil and batter, making ten cakes total. Reduce the heat as necessary to prevent burning.

Five-Spice Tilapia
From Eating Well

1 pound tilapia fillets
1 teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder, or enough to cover fish
1/4 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce
3 Tablespoons light brown sugar
1 Tablespoon canola oil
3 scallions, thinly sliced

Sprinkle both sides of tilapia fillets with five-spice powder. Combine soy sauce and brown sugar in a small bowl.

Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the tilapia and cook until the outer edges are opaque, about 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium, turn the fish over, stir the soy sauce mixture and pour over the fish and into the pan. Bring the sauce to a boil and cook until the fish is cooked through and the sauce has thickened slightly (make sure not caramelize sugar), about 2 minutes more. Add the scallions and remove from the heat.

Serve the fish drizzled with the pan sauce.

To make this dish for two, halve all ingredients (use 2 scallions) and prepare as directed.

Glitt'o Pix

It's been a long week. I'm really quite exhausted.

It's Friday! Wee!

Happy Friday!!

I'm off to Washington DC after work to visit TROPIE!!

Sooo excited! Hopefully I'll be able to utilize the free wifi on the MegaBus and catch up on some GlitterMeThis-ing.

Have a lovely weekend my little GlitterBabes!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

JUNEBUG ALLARD!!!!!!!!!!!! You might remember Junebug from her much-too-brief stint as a writer. I don't think I am alone here when I say that I miss that amazing blog. Let's get a virtual petition for new posts going shall we? Leave comments!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glitt'o Pix

Lunch date with Rada+ lots of rain+ wacky umbrella

Well isn’t today a big day for GMT or what? First the limited engagement of the Maine Mixtape series and now Glitto Pix!

Glitto Pix! is a photo of day series brought to you by my trusty iPhone and my 2 current favorite apps: CameraBag and Hipstamatic. I've been taking so many pictures lately and I want start sharing them with you. Enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maine mixtape vol. 1

Close your eyes and picture us in this:

Hours on the road, various bouts of traffic, and a car so jam packed sometimes I would lose sight of Ashley completely:

Even in bumper to bumper traffic and many (many, many) wrong turns, the music kept us in a good mood the entire trip. Since I got back last week, I haven't been able to stop dancing down the streets. Literally. I should probably be embarrassed. So, without further ado, the first installment of **Maine mixtapes** for your downloading pleasure. Just click the links below and poof! You can have a little piece of the roadtrip music. More mixtapes to come. Stay tuned!

Open road, great music, great friends.

Ramble ramble ramble

I can practically read your thoughts right now. You're sitting in your desk chair totally bored. You've already looked at Perez 6 times today, read the news once, Facebook a few times and then you remember to check in with your trusty bored go to- Glitter Me This. As the page downloads you think to yourself, "please have a new post, please have a new post" but ugh sigh it's the same pictures at the top of the page that were there since Thursday. You get slightly annoyed but don't miss a beat, quickly clicking away to see if Perez has updated again in the past 10 minutes. I know the feeling, and I'm sorry to let you down (but thank god for Perez and his full time job of updating his blog every 30seconds so we'll never experience boredom again!!).

All of this rambling has a point, I promise. My computer broke. Eh, ok, I use the word broke loosely. My battery finally died after about a year of a slow-draining agonizing decline that I have been ignoring in the hopes of not having to spend $200. Every few weeks my computer and I played a game with each other where it would just turn off then pop back on a few hours later like "gotcha!" I would get pissed at the computer during those few hours, talk to it nicely, pace around the room, then poof it would wake up and I would clap my hands and cheer and we'd be up and running for a few weeks till the little sucker would do it all over again. (but picture me clapping with just my palms and my fingers stretched out really straight- kind of like how dumb girls or toddlers clap- that's how I do it when my computer turns on.)

Sorry...point..I promise.

I have some great posts to get to you but all of them require my computer and my computer is down right now. So...that's it. That was my point...just saying hi. And more posts coming soon. Yayyy! (Toddler clap).

PS- The picture above was one of the highlights of a very fun weekend. We went to the park in Brooklyn to watch a dodgeball tournament and they had a DJ there and I danced and danced and blew bubbles. As I was leaving a couple asked me if I could blow bubbles for their toddler. As I'm entertaining the adorable little baby, a 4-month-old bulldog came up to us and started trying to eat the bubbles, he had terrible balance and kept falling over. If you know anything about me you know that I just stood there squealing because I was on cuteness overload. Baby! Puppy!! Who do I pet first!!? Eeeeee. Oh god then the bulldog started licking the baby and the baby tried to go for a ride on the bulldog. All that was missing from this moment of perfection was a golden retriever puppy and like a pot of gold. Heaven.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oooh snap

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

I didn't know this fluff ball of fluffy perfection could look anymore like a stuffed animal. But look: Sebastian got a haircut and now I'm squealing in my desk chair.

Jackie, you should warn people before you send them picture mail like this.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm baaaack

Epic. Amazing. Lots of bubbles.

Hold on to your trousers, Glitt'o Babes, I'm back and a full recap is on its way.

Get excited.

Friday, July 2, 2010

10 Funny Observations of Costa Rica by Ben Wilinsky

A few weeks ago Lara asked me to post on her blog about my adventures abroad in Costa Rica. I could not decide what to talk about. I thought about reflecting on this creepy American girl who wrote me poetry on a bus, whom I am now Facebook friends with, but that seemed bland. Or possibly the two black eyes I obtained from the pressure of bungee jumping off a 300-foot-bridge, yet this seemed mild as well. So I compiled a list of all of the everyday things that make me laugh out loud (or lol if you prefer) on the bus in Costa Rica as I am studying abroad. These are my 10 observations of funny things in Costa Rica.

1. There are Jesus’ everywhere. He is either crying or about to cry or dying. Every bus has a Jesus on it. This is only funny because he is literally everywhere and he is always thoroughly upset.

2. All of the semi-trucks are owned buy Jews and have stars of David on them. The trucks have become a lovely contrast to the weeping Jesus’. Also, when I first asked about the Jews here in Costa Rica, I was bombarded with stereotypes. Like, “Oh the Jews, they keep to themselves”, or, “Oh the Jews, they’re all very rich.” These stereotypes are completely true. There is a very small Jewish community here. After meeting with them they keep basically to themselves and are all very wealthy. If not, they move back to where they are from, mostly Poland or the USA. For example: There is a kosher Burger King next to the synagogue where just the Jewish community eats…pretty cool and funny.

3. Everyone hates the United States but loves everything about the United States. The biggest concert of the year here was ACDC. There is a McDonalds on every corner and on every other corner is a Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Burger King, even an Einstein’s Bagels! Fast food is considered pretty gourmet and there are usually waiters. Personally I do not like the fast food in Costa Rica; however, Pizza Hut is amazing here. All of the guys wear the Hollister 2002 collections like shirts that say, “Cali Surfing Champ ‘98” and American Eagle clothes. New York City is uncomfortably popular here. Note the two pictures below.

4. Jewish Women are the same everywhere; Costa Rica is not an exception. I will explain. I walked into the synagogue for the first time in Costa Rica (which was a 45 minute train ride followed by a bus and a cab, the Jews keep to themselves here. Seriously), the women who work for the synagogue could not figure out how to use the copy machine. Hmmm. After asking me the usual Jewish geography questions and after one of the women knew my friends from Israel, they then asked if I could help with the copy machine. After turning the copy machine on and explaining the idea of a paper jam, we had the monster up and running. I left this synagogue with three phone numbers of local girls my age that would “love to show me around”. Sounds like a typical day at the office with Betsy Wilinsky. Very funny.

5. Pricing is very funny here as well, for instance; a small jar of JIFF peanut butter is $10 or 5,000 colones, a six-hour bus ride across the country of four million people in an air-conditioned bus is $3 or about 1,500 colones. Very funny.

6. Costa Ricans find a way to infuse rice, beans (called gallo pinto) and bananas into literally every meal. Even Wendy’s and McDonald's have a rice and beans option on the menu…and yes it comes with fries and a frosty. This goes without saying I have lost a lot of weight.

7. Oddly enough, Costa Ricans love Jack Black. For four straight nights I could not escape Jack Black when I turned on the TV. Of course the movies are in Spanish and a man who sounds like the Hispanic version of Chris Tucker always dubs his voice. I have watched “School of Rock”, “Shallow Hal”, “Saving Silverman”, the one movie where Jack Black is oddly cast as an attractive guy paired with Katherine Heigl and “Nacho Libre”. They love him here.

8. It rains everyday here for at least two hours starting precisely at two o’clock. (this is actually not funny, its rather depressing).

9. Costa Ricans are very bad salesmen. I will be standing at the bus stop, in line, and Taxis will drive by honking their horns soliciting their services. Why the hell would I want a Taxi if I am standing at the bus stop? Also, if it’s raining and I’m walking down the street with an umbrella in my hand, street vendors selling umbrellas will thrust their wears toward me as if I needed two umbrellas. Dumb, not funny.

10. Lastly, Costa Ricans make out everywhere. This should be known as the “PDA country”. There are these large grass fields at my University and couples will just make out in the grass all day long. Movie theatres are pretty much make out rooms and it sucks sitting behind couples on the bus. The reason is because a majority of families are strict Catholics so the only place they can make out it seems is in public. Very ironic, very funny.

A small post script. I hate nail filing. Costa Ricans LOVE nail filing. They love it. I captured this woman in the act while waiting for a bus. I moved seats shortly after. Love you Lara and I hope you're having a great trip! See you in August!