Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video killed the radio star

Love love loving this right now. Its been a lot of videos lately. Ya ya ya but oooo it's so good. Dedicated to Dave for making each day a party, when it probably shouldn't be.


simple set for the video for 'Rio' subtly captures the spirit of Hey Marseilles' dirge about traveling onwards. Staged in an airplane hanger in a suburb of Seattle, Wash. -- and filmed in one shot -- the video conveys a sense of motion while its subjects, the band members, stay relatively in place. As the action unfolds, some of the song's more metaphorical interpretations are hinted at.

Becoming a part of the we.

We walk quickly, seamlessly finding holes in groups of people and gliding our way through them.

We swipe the Metrocard without having to slow the pace of our walk.

We always carry reading material anticipating the long waits at Trader Joe's, the bank or in the subways.

We automatically know which way is north and south, east and west.

We know the busy streets to avoid and the pretty streets to walk down, where to catch the sun on chilly days and where to avoid it on the sweltering ones.

Our favorite bodega owners know how we take our coffee and the fruit stand man always slips in an extra orange.

The bus grid and subway map are stored in the back of our minds, quick changes and smarter routes come naturally and without much thought.

Bags of trash, sirens, crowds- they fade away and no longer bother us.

Hail a cab, give a destination, push mute, swipe card. Mindless.

And yet, the splendor and beauty of the city is never lost- an entire world still waiting to be discovered.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We up in KCMO ladies and fellows know.

Ahhh Tech N9ne. So vulgar, so incredibly amazing. This brings me back to my high school days and I absolutely love his new song repping KC and Gates BBQ.

"Go back to Kansas City where the Gates is sold on big plates. We think about it and then we crave it when we vacate."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I just want to have a good time...all the time

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shhh..just let it happen.

Annoying countdown continues..


One Week until the bug bites, the trying to figure out how to pitch a tent, the driving driving driving, the music, the dancing, the rain, the s'mores, the margaritas, the glow sticks, the port-a potties, the old friends and new ones to come, and the road trip of a lifetime.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


To my beautiful friend who is always there for me (and who always cuddles with me and always gives me money like she is my mom). Happy birthday. I love you.

About 5 minutes before people starting throwing money at us because they thought we were homeless.

Theme of the party: What I learned in Lawrence.

Grown ups.

And to my dad, Whitney and Rachel- I owe you Father's Day/birthday posts and I love you all dearly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

That's right make it work, eat your salad, no dessert.

Lately the light blogging has been due to a crazy, heavy work schedule. I absolutely HATE not blogging. When I finally do get to post an entry it's like a bulimic who finally purges after a huge binge. Ahhh it feels so great and I feel so light! (No? Insensitive?) While my blog has been suffering, I have been getting to do some pretaaay cool things for my job. Ch-ch-ch-check it out:

That's so New York shoot with host Kela Walker (She has google alerts! Hi Kela!) We had a marathon day of shooting last Friday on Coney Island. Here we're touring Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs- home of the annual hot dog eating contest!

Hosty host.

We went to Barnum's Circus. Here I am looking oh so beautiful and not creepy at all.

Alright, so I'm working on an amazing project going behind the scenes of the clothing archives at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to air during Fashion Week. (The picture above is the Director of FIT). I'll post links in a few months and won't really talk about the project until then but in the meantime- look at the beautiful things I've had the opportunity to play with. And when I say play with I mean I can't actually touch anything and the people that are allowed to touch have to where special gloves. Try telling me that I can't touch something- god I was going ballistic.

1954 Dior

I was creeping in the racks- look at this vintage Westwood sparkle.

Shoes set up for the shoot.

Rodarte for Louboutin. Literally...no words.

A paper dress from the sixties, these were popular for about 2 years and were meant to wear for only 1 day. This was considered an expensive one at about $3.50.

My favorite thing I saw throughout the day: Alexander McQueen boots donated by his best friend Daphine Guinness.

I can't say it enough but I love this little blog.

Reasons I love New York #8

I've been wanting to purchase a nice camera forever. I'm talking intense lenses and manual settings and an HD video option, photography classes and photoshop manipulating- oh my! Then I go out to a lot of nice dinners and take a lot of cabs and generally poorly manage my money. This leads me to- iPhone photography!!! An art I have happily come to love and master. Now I'm convinced that even if I had what I really wanted, I wouldn't have it as readily available as my trusty 'ole iphone. Maybe that's just what I tell myself so I can sleep happily at night... either way, enjoy some NYC inspiration!

I've been really inspired by Ray-Ban's latest ad campaign. So much so that I am basing some apartment decorating on the posters. Jaime doesn't know that yet but I don't think she reads this blog! If she does...Hi, Jaim! What do you think about a giant pair of painted sunglasses across the hallway wall? Yay!

Grammatically (in)correct wall tagging.

Cool or so completely depressing? Ehhh I'm going with completely depressing.

I can't stop looking at this picture.

Outside of my work, I'm totally digging this project:
From 9am-10pm each day, 60 pianos will be available to play across New York City. Presented bySing for Hope they are located in public parks, streets and plazas the pianos will be available until 5th July for any member of the public to play and engage with.
Street art made out of the smudges of old gum on the sidewalk. Or maybe it's tar? Maybe black paint? I don't know but I love it.

So I went to the Chelsea Market for the first time yesterday with my friend, Tobye. I didn't even open the can of worms that would have been photography in this place. Basically, the Chelsea Market is the most glorious, incredible, Disney-land-esque piece of heaven (almost as amazing as Costco during peak sample hours..almost.) I knew that if I started taking pictures I wouldn't be able to stop so I waited until dessert to snap a quick shot of the deliciousness. Prior to this we ate: amazing sushi, spiced, curried tuna on lightly toasted rye with raisins, sprouts and tomato and crab legs with a horseradish-y, amazing-y mayo-ish dipping sauce all from the fresh seafood store. Dessert was from the Italian bakery. We ate it outside on a blanket looking at the Hudson River. Oh...while listening to the new Drake album that I'm now obsessed with. It was bliss.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Um the motto of this state is vactionland? HELL. YES.

2 weeks and counting till the big 4th of July vaca! Ahhhhhh!!!

Still on the pursuit..

You would think I would get sick of this song. I don't. I'm obsessed. I'm in love. I can listen to it over and over and over again. When a new cover comes out? I go gaga. Check out this cover by the singer Lissie. This song is top on the popular list right now over on hypem so I'm sure a bunch of you have heard it. It makes me gagagagga.

Cha cha cha

It's almost the weekend!! I want to dance! Wee!

Thanks, Nikki!

Uh this little dude has totally been stealing my dance moves...

Monday, June 14, 2010


I've always known my brother was special.

Early on there were the hints- he could ride a two wheeler before he was six and he could build blanket forts so they'd stay up for days. He didn't whine when I always got to play the teacher or when I treated him like my babydoll. My little baby brother never complained- he was just happy because I was happy.

Later, I watched him become the captain of the tennis team and an MVP roller hockey goalie. He pinned down opponent after opponent in wrestling and caught interceptions on his state championship winning football team (pretty much the best moment of my Dad's life).

He finishes cross-word puzzles and writes poetry and solves Rubik's cubes in under two minutes. He taught himself the trumpet and guitar and harmonica and ulkele- and used to fill our house with music as he worked out the chords.

He has blossomed into a student leader and a class senator and protective mentor to a little brother.But really it's who he is under those accomplishments that makes me the most proud. He inspires me with his wit and his compassion and his fierce loyalty to friends. He's kind and brilliant and creative. Poetic, sensitive, hilarious, thoughtful.

My life has been better because I've had the opportunity to watch him grow and thrive. He's my best friend and who I look up to the most and let's be honest...he'll probably be a state senator by the time he's 30. The best part is, I'm just so proud. Everyday.

The other day I got a call at work from a flower delivery man needing directions to my apartment. A quick mental checklist told me there is nobody and no reason to send me flowers right now. Imagine my surprise when I got home and read this note:
"Just because you're a great sister and I miss you. I thought I'd get you flowers and I just got paid. Love, Benny"

Seriously? How did I get so lucky to get him as a brother? Now he's studying abroad in Costa Rica and hiking volcanos..

....and jumping off bridges...

..and living an amazing life. Ben, I love you more than Sweet Tomatoes Won Ton Chicken Happiness, To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, and my blankie combined.

Not a lot baby girl, just a little bit.

I'll admit it- I'm a grazer. A nibbler, if you will. I prefer to eat my food in very small portions all day long. I've been told this is very healthy of me. (Yes, uh, that was totally intentional). The thing is.. I usually want a bunch of little bites of a bunch of different food at one meal and apparently America doesn't work like that.
Damn you America with your obesity and your huge portions!! Don't you know I just want a nibble!? Like today for example, I went into Dunkin' Donuts to buy one munchkin. "Um no ma'am," I was rudely informed. "You have to buy six."
"Well I just want one. Can't I just give you a quarter or something?"

That uh didn't go over so well with Miss Dunkin and I left downtrodden, munchkinless and sad. Now I know what you're thinking, people... the register doesn't work like that. Yes, people..I know. I did spend two years behind the counter as a "customer service representative" at Blue Chip Cookie- I know how these things work. But I happen to believe that life should come with an a la cart button on the register for all of the nibblers out there. Editors note: Yes, I know, I could just buy the box of 6 and only eat one OR buy the six, eat one and be a nice co-worker and give the rest away but 1) you know I won't do that and 2) I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO BUY SIX, I ONLY WANT ONE YOU FAT FAT BRAINWASHED AMERICANS.

Which is why I want to open..(da da daaaa) Just A Bite. A restaurant where everything is served in bite sized portions. 15 bites make a meal for $12.99 (I've really figured out all the details). The menu would be packed with pages and pages of yummy bite options (each also sold a la cart for $1). The best part comes at the end of the meal when you get to pick 3 free "just one more" bites that get brought out when you're paying (or ordering dessert). Because you know you always want just one more little bite before you're truly finished.

Appetizers, soup shooters and desserts obviously come in mini-sizes as well. I know that there are about 2.6 million reasons why this business model for a restaurant would fail but shhh let me live in my nibble-sized world and dream.

I'm still craving that damn munchkin.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Someone grab me a brown paper bag

Oh god, oh god. Hyperventilating.

Long story short my life this week has revolved around the iphone (subsequently being the reason I haven't been blogging but I'll explain when I'm not on deadline at work and trying to fit a blog posting in)
See if you can follow:
  • lost the iphone at Marni's wedding
  • freaked out, hyperventilated and had a panic attack
  • was dropped off of my cell phone insurance because I made too many claims
  • had to borrow a blackberry and have my service transferred
  • spent 3 hrs on the phone with ATT after they realized they had overcharged us by $700 on last month's bill
  • found out last night the maid of honor had the iphone in her luggage that she just unpacked
  • old phone is being overnighted
  • Apple holds their annual conference and announces the new 4g iphone
  • freaked out, hyperventilated and had a panic attack
  • aaaaand we've come full circle.
Now after all the happiness of having my phone returned, I'm plotting how much money I can get for selling it to buy:


Go watch the video here because it won't let me embed and because it is UNREAL. I'm feeling weak.