Sunday, August 29, 2010


Seriously. I live for this.

It's 40 minutes into the show. Ok here we go.
- The opening was GENIUS. I've already re-watched it twice.
- The voiceovers after someone wins are SOO funny.

That's it for now- onto the clothes.
*I think it might be the most awkward thing in the world to watch video of people posing on the red carpet. They make the creepiest faces and body movements to achieve those perfect pics we see.

Here are the pics I can find on the internet right now. More to come later.

The bests:

I miss the grey hair but god she just looks amazing lately.

Navy is definitely the color of the night and Lea is rocking it. Of course she would. File her under the category of one of the people that is awkward to watch pose on the red carpet. She's gotten too skinny but she looks hot. People say that about me all the time. It gets so annoying.

-That's all the bests I got right now. Apparently I don't think too many people look that great. Jane Lynch looks pretty. I'll find more later.

The not so hots:

Love you but horrible.

Oh jesus. Eat a burger and chill out on the tanning for the love of god. You look like an alien.

There are no words.

Holy shit are you kidding me? THIS IS SLOAN. Has somebody highjacked Sloan? I'm freaking out about this but Jaime tells me this is the girl from Vampire Diaries and not Emmanuelle Chriqui. Does Huffington Post have this mislabeled? Ah someone help!
Ew. You have to see her hair from the side. Ew.

She looks pretty but doesn't she look the exact same every award show she goes to? Big earrings, same hair. Ovaaa ittttt.

Why is she there. Get out of our lives. Oh ya she was in the intro. Ew.

Ok Hills girls were there. Dear Lo, it's not a business meeting. It's the Emmys.

Stephanie Pratt. Jaime thinks she looks great. I think she looks like a tranny version of Aubrey O'Day. Tomato Tomahto.

Emmys emmys emmys I love you

I have so much to say. So much to post. Videos, pics, some virtual glitter to send your way but first....EMMYS!!!!!!! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The sweet sound of perfection

There's only one thing that could possibly make this dreary, rainy morning a little bit better....Danielle Staub performing with her girlfriend and three backup dancers on local NY tv. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I dieeee

Ohhhh god. I just got weak. Look at them. Just look. Oh god. Birthday present from the collective Glitter Me This community? You shouldn't have.

Backstory to the hyperventilating: Rachel Zoe sends out a daily email blast, The Zoe Report- Each day she features an item (usually something gorgeous and expensive), describes it beautifully, then at the bottom of the email she gives a "parallel universe" where she shows something similar but affordable. One look at those leopard print beauties she featured today and I totally said out loud: "Rachel Zoe, no you di'int." I highly recommend subscribing.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't stop, won't stop

Sometimes the music experience transcends you. The nights you don’t think, you don’t stop. You close your eyes. The crowd fuels your energy. The beats take over your feet. The lighting, the smoky haze, You just move and let the music carry you away.

The Phish concert earlier this week, STS9 in July... I used to be so hesitant of jambands. But this summer left me craving more. I can’t stop moving. I can’t stop dancing. Their shows were incredible. Among my other goals for year 24- is to keep dancing. Seek out more DJs, tour with jambands, go to more festivals. Good music is an escape, dancing is a release and this year, I don’t want to stop moving.

Sweet Potato hangover

This was the only picture I took the entire night (yes, I had my bday dinner at Boston Market)..... and I most definitely pulled a muscle in my groin dancing. I'm gonna go ahead and say the bday was a huge success. Thank you so much to all my amazing friends for coming out to play, eat, drink, dance, glitter fight with me.

Flashback Friday #2

Flashback Friday #1

I can't decide my mood on this glorious, hungover Friday morning. Am I craving an omelet? Perhaps a lemon-lime gatorade? Maybe I'll just continue zoning out and chugging this 20oz goblet of coffee. Mmmmm. Coffee. Mmmm. Zone out. What were we talking about? Oh ya, I can't decide my Flashback Friday mood either. Empowering all girl, middriff bearing hip hop or vintage no doubt middriff bearing gwen stefani ? I can't decide so you get both.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's my beeedaaay. The highlights so far:

*Text from my mom:


*Just when I thought I couldn't love my roomie, Jaime, anymore...she brings me this at midnight. It's a diamond cookie, with Reese's cups on top and a candle from the kitchen for me to blow out. Seriously, isn't she the best?.

*The FB wall post winners thus far:

Samantha Himelman:
I hope today is filled with glittery things, puppies with long curly tongues, cupcakes and pudgy babies.
Claire Stiefel:
I hope you have an amazing birthday week, full of dance parties and sunshine!
Editors note: This wall post is perfect for 2 reasons- 1) who thinks of wishing a happy birthday week? Because really- we all like to celebrate for more than just one day and I'm happy she acknowledged that. 2) Um dance parties and sunshine? Those are my 2 favorite things. How did you know Claire Stiefel?

*Then Carli sent me an ecard with this video attached, apparently everyone has already seen this but I've missed the boat. I think it's pretty much the best video in the whole wide world:

I'll keep you posted as the day progresses. This post was not at all

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Towards the end of summer, most people get excited for new fall clothes or the crisp bite in the air, perhaps you're looking forward to the sudden influx of cider apple donuts. But me? I daydream of nail polish colors. And maybe a little bit about those donuts…

You see, fall and winter present a challenge for me. Summer is easy- slap on some neon and I’m a happy girl for 3 months but winter? Winter is much harder. I’m sick of Wicked and that one OPI navy color that I’m forgetting the name of. No, I like to keep things poppin’ and fresh for all of the cold months and it really takes some imagination. I get sick of reds and purples and ugh blacks. This really takes some thinking. You should see the colors I’ve been hoarding for several months in attempts at having the fly-est winter nails on the block. Bring.On.The.Fall. ….and the donuts.

Winter wish list:

I'm drooling over Butter's new fall glitter line. Who is this Butter? I just stalked the All Lacquered Up archives and have officially determined that every polish Butter makes is amazing. Butter Butter Butter. Glitter glitter glitter. Mmm.

Don't hate. You know you love it.

This is Orly, not Butter. I love love love loveeeee it. So much. Like a lot.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Glitt'obabes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday recap of awesomeness

This might be one of my favorite things I've ever made..probably because watching Gil dance perceptually makes me happy. Now I can just push repeat and smile whenever I want. Love it. I think you will too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.

My weekend is shaping up to be pre-ttay fun. Up first tonight we have:

Friday aka fancy night out with ma' ladies:

Le Cirque!! My first restaurant week excursion of the season with Ms. Jackie Gruskin and Ms. Lizzy Beshears.

My pseudo-roomie works for the coolest company ever and hooked me up with a pretty dress to wear for a pretty night out with the girls. I'm semi-regretting my dress choice, it's a smidge-bit boring but pretty cute right? (and free!).

Next up:
Saturday aka day drinking college party aka best day ever:

Max, Jarrod and the rest of the 40W crew of perceptual funness.


Max's college-themed birthday party, complete with NCAA bracket style beer pong tournament, flip cup games and lots of Jayhawk clothing.

And last but not least:
Sunday funday with my OP favorites

Shana & Irina brunchfest2010

Shopping for the most anticipated wedding of the year of our good friend Ms. Sarah Zurovsky soon to be Ms. Sarah Galler.

Is it 5:30 yet???

Don't hate the player, hate the game

I come bearing a peace offering for deserting you the past 2 weeks. I went on vacation. I didn't even give you notice. Now my computer's broken and I'm on deadline at work. Blah blah blah. I'm sorry for ignoring you little baby cute little Glitterbabes of mine. Here is a picture of my awesome neon nails to try to make it up to you because I know you care. PS. That kind of reminds me of this post.

Here is my second peace offering:

I found this video as part of some research I'm doing for an AWESOME assignment at work. (No sarcasm, it's actually super awesome). Backstory: senior year of college was the year of the writers strike in Hollywood which meant a lot of shows didn't air and they were replaced by generally fantastic content. Content, like Tom Green Live. He broadcast a live talk show from his living room every night at midnight (I don't remember what channel).

I was sleep deprived for 3months because I couldn't possibly go to bed before 1am and miss a second of the best show on TV. It was perfection- guests entered by ringing his doorbell and he'd walk through the kitchen (camera following him) and go answer it, sometimes he would have his guests ride paddle boats in his tiny backyard pool. My favorite part were the skype interviews with random callers who asked random questions. Then there was this moment (above)when I decided I loved Tom Green more than I even thought possible. (PS- the end half is the best part). The show started as a web series and still is broadcast daily on the web. Check it out, you'll love it.

I'm sorry for ignoring you boo boo's. I won't do it again.

"Hi, this is Emily. I'm sick of looking at an unupdated blog."

"u can say whatever u want but start it out with:"hi i'm emily and i'm sick of looking at an unupdated page"

This was my chance! Little did the neon finger painted blogger know, I had been waiting to make my mark on the Glitter Me This universe. While complaining about a job where I simply sit and add time code to scripts, as well as, constantly harassing the Glitter Me This Queen with "look at this" youtube clips, I was cordially invited to be a guest blogger, however, I do not believe the GMTQ was aware of my poor grammar and tendency for really really long run on sentences....

Hi all!! I'm Emily. Some of you might know me from Lara's couch, which I often frequent or rather from showing up to your parties, which I most definitely wasn't invited to. She is a good buddy and tries to throw me into new situations as often as she can. That I appreciate, a friend that pushes you out of your comfort zone but will always be there to cushion your fall.

Sooooo I decided dedicate this guest post to all the things Lara Wilinsky has taught me. "Ready?, Go!"

1) No doesn't always mean no.

This point has been proven on many an outing with Lara. People only tell you no if they think you arent suppose to be somewhere. When you insist on the fact that you are suppose to be somewhere, no sometimes means, "Eh,OK, fine" Case and point: lines. Lines, queues or what ever you call them, Lara doesn't doooo them. So when you are with her, you don't do lines. I have used my press identification more while spending time with Lara then I ever did working for the press. They have gotten us into a collection of events, none better than the memory of smuggling ourselves through the door.

2) If you can laugh at yourself, you will cease to be amused.
Lara Wilinsky, 'nough said.

3) When you're alone, and life is making you lonely,you can always Stytown.

There is literally ALWAYS something going on at the Glitter castle. Its like PennStation, people in and out and always in a hurry. It can frazzle the faint of heart. However, every time I enter, food is shoved in my face. I grew up with an Italian grandmother, but apparently this is also Jewish thing. I was unaware. The following is a normal interaction between me, Lara and something on her fork;
L:Try this E: No thanks L: No, Im serious you'll love it. E: I just ate, but what is it? L: Just eat it!! E: FINE! .......L: Didn't you love it? E: No. L: Well, yeah its not for everyone.

Although, there are a few culinary experiences I do attribute to my relationship with Lara. Artichoke dip on pizza? Probably would have never tried that without her in my life. And, of course, every time someone I am eating with combines two totally random cuisines with a puddin' pack, I will recall fond memories of her.

4) If you are questioning whether or not you can "pull it off", you can't.
There is a long story hear about a hippie headband I tried wearing (to yet another Lara party I wasn't invited to) Long story short, I questioned it, and it blew up in my face. Lara told me this would happen. This is now referred to in my mind as hippieheadband-gate......hahaha Lara fell trying to reach for free argyle socks at that party, I just remembered that.

5) Dance it off
No matter what happens, if you are with your friends- Dancing is always always the answer: )

I wish that I had the ability to add many pictures along with these memories, next time Glitter-ettes, next time.

(editor's note: no biggie, I'll add the pics for you! I bet you love them, Em! You're welcome!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye

It's official! Apt #TA just got a little more interesting!! Let me take the opportunity to extend a very happy Glitter Me This welcome to our newest roomie: Miss Lizzy Beshears.

Happy first day!!!! Let the decorating begin!