Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Towards the end of summer, most people get excited for new fall clothes or the crisp bite in the air, perhaps you're looking forward to the sudden influx of cider apple donuts. But me? I daydream of nail polish colors. And maybe a little bit about those donuts…

You see, fall and winter present a challenge for me. Summer is easy- slap on some neon and I’m a happy girl for 3 months but winter? Winter is much harder. I’m sick of Wicked and that one OPI navy color that I’m forgetting the name of. No, I like to keep things poppin’ and fresh for all of the cold months and it really takes some imagination. I get sick of reds and purples and ugh blacks. This really takes some thinking. You should see the colors I’ve been hoarding for several months in attempts at having the fly-est winter nails on the block. Bring.On.The.Fall. ….and the donuts.

Winter wish list:

I'm drooling over Butter's new fall glitter line. Who is this Butter? I just stalked the All Lacquered Up archives and have officially determined that every polish Butter makes is amazing. Butter Butter Butter. Glitter glitter glitter. Mmm.

Don't hate. You know you love it.

This is Orly, not Butter. I love love love loveeeee it. So much. Like a lot.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Glitt'obabes.

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