Friday, August 13, 2010

"Hi, this is Emily. I'm sick of looking at an unupdated blog."

"u can say whatever u want but start it out with:"hi i'm emily and i'm sick of looking at an unupdated page"

This was my chance! Little did the neon finger painted blogger know, I had been waiting to make my mark on the Glitter Me This universe. While complaining about a job where I simply sit and add time code to scripts, as well as, constantly harassing the Glitter Me This Queen with "look at this" youtube clips, I was cordially invited to be a guest blogger, however, I do not believe the GMTQ was aware of my poor grammar and tendency for really really long run on sentences....

Hi all!! I'm Emily. Some of you might know me from Lara's couch, which I often frequent or rather from showing up to your parties, which I most definitely wasn't invited to. She is a good buddy and tries to throw me into new situations as often as she can. That I appreciate, a friend that pushes you out of your comfort zone but will always be there to cushion your fall.

Sooooo I decided dedicate this guest post to all the things Lara Wilinsky has taught me. "Ready?, Go!"

1) No doesn't always mean no.

This point has been proven on many an outing with Lara. People only tell you no if they think you arent suppose to be somewhere. When you insist on the fact that you are suppose to be somewhere, no sometimes means, "Eh,OK, fine" Case and point: lines. Lines, queues or what ever you call them, Lara doesn't doooo them. So when you are with her, you don't do lines. I have used my press identification more while spending time with Lara then I ever did working for the press. They have gotten us into a collection of events, none better than the memory of smuggling ourselves through the door.

2) If you can laugh at yourself, you will cease to be amused.
Lara Wilinsky, 'nough said.

3) When you're alone, and life is making you lonely,you can always Stytown.

There is literally ALWAYS something going on at the Glitter castle. Its like PennStation, people in and out and always in a hurry. It can frazzle the faint of heart. However, every time I enter, food is shoved in my face. I grew up with an Italian grandmother, but apparently this is also Jewish thing. I was unaware. The following is a normal interaction between me, Lara and something on her fork;
L:Try this E: No thanks L: No, Im serious you'll love it. E: I just ate, but what is it? L: Just eat it!! E: FINE! .......L: Didn't you love it? E: No. L: Well, yeah its not for everyone.

Although, there are a few culinary experiences I do attribute to my relationship with Lara. Artichoke dip on pizza? Probably would have never tried that without her in my life. And, of course, every time someone I am eating with combines two totally random cuisines with a puddin' pack, I will recall fond memories of her.

4) If you are questioning whether or not you can "pull it off", you can't.
There is a long story hear about a hippie headband I tried wearing (to yet another Lara party I wasn't invited to) Long story short, I questioned it, and it blew up in my face. Lara told me this would happen. This is now referred to in my mind as hippieheadband-gate......hahaha Lara fell trying to reach for free argyle socks at that party, I just remembered that.

5) Dance it off
No matter what happens, if you are with your friends- Dancing is always always the answer: )

I wish that I had the ability to add many pictures along with these memories, next time Glitter-ettes, next time.

(editor's note: no biggie, I'll add the pics for you! I bet you love them, Em! You're welcome!)

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