Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's my beeedaaay. The highlights so far:

*Text from my mom:


*Just when I thought I couldn't love my roomie, Jaime, anymore...she brings me this at midnight. It's a diamond cookie, with Reese's cups on top and a candle from the kitchen for me to blow out. Seriously, isn't she the best?.

*The FB wall post winners thus far:

Samantha Himelman:
I hope today is filled with glittery things, puppies with long curly tongues, cupcakes and pudgy babies.
Claire Stiefel:
I hope you have an amazing birthday week, full of dance parties and sunshine!
Editors note: This wall post is perfect for 2 reasons- 1) who thinks of wishing a happy birthday week? Because really- we all like to celebrate for more than just one day and I'm happy she acknowledged that. 2) Um dance parties and sunshine? Those are my 2 favorite things. How did you know Claire Stiefel?

*Then Carli sent me an ecard with this video attached, apparently everyone has already seen this but I've missed the boat. I think it's pretty much the best video in the whole wide world:

I'll keep you posted as the day progresses. This post was not at all

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  1. I love your birthday cake. SOOOOOOO cute.. 0=]