Monday, January 31, 2011

Living in a snowglobe.

Let's just throw it out there...this snow thing is getting old. It's cold! and wet! and those puddles! Puddles, puddles, puddles and more puddles. Oh, you know the puddles? The puddles that are filled with that street salt that leave those white lines of doom on all of my shoes?

I hear all of my favorite shoes calling out from my closet like long lost friends "pleaseeee wear me, I'm so cute!" and I say with a sigh "no cutie shoes, there are still those salt puddles" then I put on my stupid clunky rainboots and clump, haphazardly, around town.

However much I'm sick of the cold! and the wet! and the salt puddles! seeing Manhattan under a fresh 12 inches of white powder was enough to take my breath away. I literally gasped when I left my apartment. The world felt beautiful and fresh and clean. I wish this picture captured it better:

Ironically (and hilariously) the same day as our pretty little blizzard in NYC, the temple where my mom works in San Diego had a "snow day" of their own. They brought in fake snow and in the 75 degree weather dressed the preschool kids up for a blizzard. Please just look at these adorable babies all ready for their snowday:

Our blizzard:

San Diego blizzard:

New York kids:

San Diego kids:

I think you get the point. I bet my parent's don't have to deal with the damn puddles.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Flashback Friday

Teeny: Chrissy, truth or dare?

Chrissy: Truth.

Teeny: Have you ever been french kissed?

Chrissy: Are you kidding? I don't want to get pregnant!

Yes, I'm doing a Flashback Friday on a Monday. Deal wit' it. The thing is, I was actually going to name this post RIP but I figured Flashback Friday was much less morbid.

I learned some startling news over the weekend that might shock you...

Chrissy, arguably the best character from arguably the best movie of all time, Now and Then DIED in 2007 at the age of 26 from pneumonia.

I'm traumatized.

How did Chrissy (aka Ashleigh Aston Moore) die 4 years ago and we NOT KNOW ABOUT IT??? Why weren't there tributes and memorials and facebook statuses dedicated to such a tragedy? Why didn’t we gather in the streets for massive Red Rover games while blasting the Now and Then soundtrack (which is also arguably the best in the history of soundtracks) followed by a séance in a cemetery?


Chrissy was seriously the best. Yes, I always held a special place in my heart for Teeny with her pudding filled bra and her glamorous parents and her promiscuous tendencies- it was really Chrissy that carried the movie. Even grown up Chrissy was the coolest. Remember a pregnant Rita Wilson singing I’ll Be There in the bathroom while putting on her makeup? Ah, it's so wonderful. I think my love of makeup application came from that scene right there.

She loved twinkies and faked her death and gave us some of the best lines in the movie:

EDITOR'S NOTE: I stand corrected. Leave it up to Carli Haber to point out such a blatant discrepancy in what I thought was a completely flawless memory of every second of the entire movie. Chrissy DID NOT in fact fake her death. It was obviously Roberta with her obvious death and family issues that pretended to drown and it was CHRISSY who performed CPR and (kinda-ish) starting crying when Roberta starts laughing. Reason #48295 was Chrissy was the best character.

EDITOR'S NOTE #2: While Chrissy was the best character, the best single moment of the movie was Devon Sawa's butt that could only be seen if you paused the tape at exactly the right moment and squinted. Hello every single one of my 5th grade sleepovers.

Roberta: You can't get pregnant from french-kissing!

Chrissy: I know that, beetle-brain, but it's common knowledge that if you tongue-kiss a boy, he automatically thinks you'll do the deed with him. They can't help it. They're driven.

Samantha: Oh? And what deed would that be?

Chrissy: You know... planting the seed and watering the flower. Isn't that how it works?

RIP Ashleigh Aston Moore, I'm sorry I didn't know about you sooner!

Chrissy's Mom: I decided we should talk about what you asked me.

Chrissy: About sex.

Chrissy's Mom: You say that very casually, that's very scary for mommy. It's like "BOO!" "AAH!" That's what sex is.

Shout out to my homies

First... before I begin the longer shout out below, I'd like to say a big HAAAAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY to my number one homie- Mr. Rob "Big Bob Spillman" Siegel. I'll probably write a longer post later about how he will undoubtably hate the presents I got him. Happy birthday Big Bob- Glitter Me This loves you!!

But this shout out really goes to a one Lisa "Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa" Bomberg.

I'm thinking that the beautiful Ms. Bomberg is rather bored right now and in need of a rather large pick-me-up. Well Lis- I'm here to help. Here is a post to make you smile, laugh and hopefully zone out for a few minutes. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Dance dance dance dance

Alright this is so awesome I had to show it to you. Girl Talk + sporadic dancing in the streets + a pastel Starter jacket? I think I need to meet these people.

Via Huffington Post:

The Staten Island Ferry is the unlikely setting of an insanely magical new dance video.
And yet, as a (semi) curious crowd looks on, these dancers frolic and writhe on the Ferry's deck and even on the station's escalators. But who are these dancing kings and queens?

They are a rotating group, led by improvisational dancer Anne Marsen, who are in the process of creating a long form video to accompany dance party favorite Girl Talk's latest album, All Day. The video will eventually be album length and feature dance scenes in recognizable places all over the city. They plan on finishing the piece in the spring of 2011 and screening it in public (as well as posting it online).

The dancing is very freeform and often silly, but most enjoyable is how the New Yorkers around them barely notice this stranger in plainclothes suddenly bursting with dance.
My favorite part starts at the 4:40 mark. Ahhhh I just love this!! In tribute to this awesome vid- I'm going to dance all weekend long. Want to join me?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midday inspiration

This is just about the yummiest thing I've ever seen. You have to check out this adorable cover of Edward Sharpe's Home. explains the video:
Ellen loved their heartwarming cover of "Home" as much as everyone else, and so she invited Jorge Narvaez and 6-year-old Alexa to do it live. Alexa kills it! And, of course, it's still adorable.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

One last note on the GGs

Yesterday's post literally left me in a state of depression. I'm not kidding, I was like grumpy and moody for the rest of the day. It could've also been the horrendous weather we had here (it was kind of a sleet, rain, freezing shit combo of gloom) but I swear bringing negativity on to GMT totally brought me down. So I'm not going to do that anymore....AFTER this post.

You see in my frantic display of fashion bashing I forgot about some of the worst offenders. And we can't have that now can we? I was going to ignore it and get on with my positive, happy, sunshiney life but alas I tossed and turned in bed soo much last night thinking about it- I knew I had to post just a little more.

Without further adieu, here are a few comments I left out:

How oh how could I forgot this horrible monstrosity of a dress? Oh look! We have some fabric left over from the alterations! Let's pin it on your shoulder! Horrible idea. It looks like a bad herpes growth and she's in serious need of a steamer.

Whyyyyyyyyy. Just whyyyyy. Burlap sack + 6 year old's art project does not equal Golden Globe winner!! Bad color. Worse fit. But it definitely just goes to show that Michelle Williams could look beautiful in literally a brown paper bag. I love her.

Ok here's what I have to say about this. I love it. She's like the Bjork of the silver screen. I think it would be ridiculous to put her on worst dressed lists because clearly she's saying FU to the worst dressed lists. I mean, 2 different color shoes? Come on. She's a brilliant actress, she likes screwing with convention and I say go for it. It definitely makes these things so much more fun.

I need to end all of this negatively on a positive note or else I'm going to hyperventilate and cry so let's just take a second to bask in the glory that is Queen Catherine. Doesn't she look like a living, breathing Spanish Queen?? If she had on a giant diamond necklace and an even more giant crown I would literally bow down in her presence. And we all know how much I love royalty.

Now back to our regularly scheduled glitteryness.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Not Enough Boob Night

Alright people. 2011 has officially begun and thus begins that glorious time of the year called AWARDS SEASON. Or as I like to call it: Eye Candy Season.

Sunday night was the Golden Globes. Emily was in town. We hosted a dinner party. I made stuffed peppers. All was right with the world.


I'm sorry but did the entire entertainment industry forget how to dress???? SERIOUSLY I have never been so underwhelmed with a group of celebrities in my life. I think it's pretty safe to say I liked ohhhh about 5 dresses the entire night. This better not be trend for all of awards season, I simply won't know what to do with myself. I'll probably cry and not leave my apartment and order Thai food every night and the delivery man would become my only friend- all because Sandra Bullock had terrible extensions and not enough people showed cleavage.

Let's begin shall we? First things first let's get my best dressed out of the way because I know I'm going to get shit for this...


My best dressed of the night:

I know. You hate me for thinking it (I'm looking at you, Rachel Darrow). But I think Ms. Draper looks AMAZING. I love the cut. I love the color. I love love the hair combination and her boobs...perfection.

She fit right into what I believe was the underlying theme of the weekend.... carving new A-list stars. None of the A-listers looked good in my opinion and the more obscure(ish) talents were really able to emerge and establish themselves as beautiful forces to be reckoned with.

Other best dressed examples of emerging talent:

Sweet lord how beautiful did Emma Stone look? Her blond hair, banging body and gorgeous dress color took her straight from Superbad relative obscurity to one of Hollywood's a single night. Well done my funny friend, well done.

Case and point #2. Hello age appropriate and beautiful. The True Grit cutie Hailee Steinfeld looked adorbs.

And while I HATED the no cleavage trend (more on that in a minute) these up and comers captured the look perfectly and literally stole the scene from the more established actresses.

Eh ok, I'm not in love with the dress but how beautiful does Heather Morris look? You go, Glen Coco.
Way too skinny Clare Danes but oooo you look so good.

One of my favorite looks of the night. Love the lip color, love the cut and love her.

She really has created a style profile for herself hasn't she? This isn't my favorite of Princess Lea's looks but she looks beautiful none the less and I love how all the Glee girls went with the same palette.

Other favs of the night:

Hated it when I first saw it but then POW I saw the back then had to hand it to Anne. She looks phenom. It definitely followed the trend of high neck, metallic, neutral palette but she really beat out everyone else's similar looks.

Pa pow. (Although, I'm going to take away points for netting on the back instead of a full bare back. What, Anne? You're too big of a p*$!y to go completely bare? Lame.)

Perfection. LOVE the color. LOVE the accessories. Love love the bottom of the dress.

For someone who seems to make every single red carpet look like a bad Miss America pagent (read: big hair, bigger earrings) she actually looks incredibly classy and event appropriate. Note to Scarlett Johannson: THIS is how you get over a divorce.

Surprise, surprise...I clearly love this dress. Yes, it is incredibly ridiculous, she kinda looks like a prom queen the hair choice was horrendous but I loved how ballsy and fierce it was. Definitely made her stand out. Best part of the outfit? Ready for it....

Louboutin sparkly dagger shoes (official name). Ya. Pretty much dying. Don't match at all but again, points for the ballsy-ness.

Unfortunately that was about it for the looks I liked. Seriously... I hated almost everything I saw. Let's talk about it shall we?


I think that I was so pissy about the fashion at these awards because of a horrible horrible trend that seemed to sweep the masses- high neck, long sleeve, NO CLEAVAGE. Ok fine, sometimes you don't need the cleavage but for the love of god at least show me some clavicle.

The worst offenders:

Dear Leighton Meester, You look like a couch. A couch with bad botox.

Ok fine, the color is beautiful and she is beautiful and blah blah blah but I haven't seen so little skin since Katie Holmes had a scientology skin dying accident and had to cover up for 3 months. SO BORING. SHOW ME SOME BOOB.

Oh sweet Jesus. She is way too ugly to be fat.

Really Heidi??? Sooo disappointing. Horrible, horrible hair. And to keep with the theme.... SHOW ME SOME BOOB.

I ask for more boob and I get a bra. Go figure. We get it Halle, you're hot, but wearing a bustier with a super weird bottom is not what I was hoping for. Ugh.

Ok fine. The girls in my office are trying to convince me that I'm crazy for hating this. I think I just hate J.Lo. And ok fine, nice caplet but I'd rather have that fabric as drapes in my bedroom ....I'm just sayin'.

BUT ohhhh my god literally OBESSSINGGG over what she wore to the after party: FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE.

Bad hair of the night was a tie between:

You don't need to see their dresses- they were bad. Really bad and not even worth showing. But that hair...

Emily perfectly compared this hairdo to those trojan intense pleasure commercials.

There are bangs and then there is hair cut off halfway back on the head WITH visible extension lines everywhere. I love you Sandra so I'll let this slide but eeesh.

And the worst dressed award for the evening goes to:

JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE PREGNANT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DRESS LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD THAT SLAPPED A FLOWER ON YOUR BOOBS. And that color. Come on. She's been dressing horrible since she announced her pregnancy. I'm over it. A little bloat is no excuse for poor taste.

This posting has left me exhausted and pouty from all of my self imposed negativity. I'm going to go watch that youtube videos of puppies to put a smile on my face. In the meantime- leave comments, I want to hear what you think.