Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blah blah tired blah blah

I think I should just throw my hands up and acknowledge the fact that I probably won't be blogging UNTIL IT STOPS SNOWING IN APRIL. Seasonal depression is getting me down, people. Like down. Dooowwwwwnnnn. Cue song below. And while I'm thankfully not actually depressed, this dowwwnn feeling has me in a perceptual state of lazy. I don't want to do ANYTHING, you know like: to people...leave my apartment for extended periods of time....

Seriously, this horrid continuation of super shitty weather has made it impossible for me to get anything accomplished. I don't say this lightly. I literally can't do anything. I go from home to work to home again walking around like a caveman in a big black puffy coat (arms to my side, hunched over, clomping steps) giving people the stink eye.

Example of said laziness: I've been really into the idea of homemade beauty techniques like a vinegar hair rinse and apple cider vinegar as a toner. I bought a cucumber a week ago in hopes of grating it and putting it on my face as a fun face-mask pick me up. But I've been to grate cucumber...

So, to review: It's cold and rainy and I've been too lazy to grate a cucumber and I have a feeling the blog is going to continue to suffer until I get some vitamin D pumping through my veins.

I think I should probably stop writing this post now. My fingers are getting tired.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Target: People, plants, cats

I just saw that I haven't blogged since Monday. That's really sad. Don't be sad. Smile! And breathe some air!!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

You be the judge Vol. 4

Via CBS News:
Norwegian singer, Jarle Bernhoft, live loops this incredibly beautiful original track


Via Stereogum via Promo News:
VHILS is Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, whose work has appeared alongside Banksy’s in exhibition. His current technique is to use well-placed explosives to peel away bits of plaster. This video shows his work in slow motion, and it looks like special effects or magic the way his pieces just appear all at once.

Glitt'o Pup of the Day

On this horrible-gloomy-first-day-of-spring-my-ass Monday, please do yourself a favor watch this video 5 times in a row.

PS- Did anyone else see this video last night on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen aka the single greatest show on TV? (And speaking of Bravo, did anyone else see Tamra's softcore porn and naked boobies with her gay wine chugging boyfriend on the Real Housewives of Orange County which aired prior to What What Happens?) I swear I should be doing a live blog of Real Housewives because that shit is unbelievable. And I just admitted to the world that I watch it religiously. And I'm not embarrassed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dollaaa update!

To the Glitter Me This readers of the world:

I have something important to tell you....
I'm pregnant!

Just kidding!!!!!

Really what I've been dyingggg to tell you is how much money I've spent this week to follow up my post below. If you remember, I vowed to not spend a penny. Not.a.single.penny. Well I'm proud to report that I spent A.very.little.amount.of.pennies.

Let's track my money spending this week shall we? I AM SO PROUD!!!

First I made some big $$$ hitting up the piggy bank...

As I said I would, I spent $1.25 on coffee every day.

In a moment of weakness (and at a loss for an ingredient in a recipe) I bought a yellow onion! But that's ok because I was still dipping into my piggy bank money which I kind of considered free money and not even in the not.a.single.penny category.

Like 50 Japanese people were gathered in the subway taking donations, so I emptied out the change part of my wallet into their bucket. Now that I'm writing this I'm feeling really guilty I didn't give more of the piggy bank money.

After waiting for the bus last night for over 30 minutes while sideways glancing at the total hottie waiting next to me, a miracle happened that forced me to spend.a.penny: He hailed a cab and asked the driver to take him to THE EXACT INTERSECTION I WAS GOING. So obviously I had to ask him if I could share the ride with him. I'm incredibly awkward around super hot men so we had kind of nice, kind of awkward 10 minute car ride that was so worth every.little.penny.

That leaves me with $2 left of my piggy bank money!!!! That's all I spent from last Friday until today. So would you say that I'm technically up $2?

Now it's Friday, the Jayhawks are about to win and I just got paid. WAHPAM.

Flashback Friday

My parent's used to wonder why I went to the movies so much growing up... I claimed I had an affinity to the surround sound speakers and super plush seating. But really, I just wanted to visit my hot boyfriend aka the poster that attempted to prevent people from going into movies underage. I'm pretty sure I used to dream of Bobby Teenager more than Devon Sawa and JTT combined. Don't did too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I need a dolla, dolla

Ohhh the joys of having a government job. I have national holidays off, a very consistent schedule and...I'm completely broke. So broke in fact, that I brought in all the coins from my (adorable) piggy bank this weekend and literally rejoiced when I got back $13. I clapped and did a little dance and almost hugged the couple in line behind me. Note for New Yorkers: FYI- TD Bank no longer counts change for free, they now charge 6% and to that I say:

Dear TD Bank,
Broke in the East Village

So I did a couple of major grocery shopping excursions, didn't go out this weekend and have officially declared that I won't spend a penny this week.


Ok, full disclosure: in typical New Yorker fashion that does not include the $1.25 I spend on coffee every morning because that coffee doesn't count and I need it to breath. But besides that...


Raise your hand if you think I can do it!
(This came up when I googled "monopoly money" aaaand I want them)

Evening inspiration

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Editor's Note:

Soooo I clearly haven't been making people happy with my once a week posting situation I've had going on. I think the weather is getting to me and I'm uninspired? I don't know. Anyway, this particular Flashback Friday was written the week of February 18 and was never finished/posted. I'mmmaaa winnnerrr! So FLASHBACK to a month ago when you're reading this. K? Great!

Sleep deprivation has hit me hard this week. I've been stressed out, overtired and giggling at things like Paula Abdul’s face and those Charmin no residue commercials. The No Sleep Week as I've (unaffectionately) been calling it has been due to 2 things: an ungodly amount of work/stress and...SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

Ohhh yes, Shawshank Redemption… because some programming genius at AMC decided it would be a good idea to repeat it from 12am - 2am EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. And I have subsequently watched it from 12pm – 2am EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

I couldn’t turn it off. Or close my eyes…let alone fall asleep…because every second of that movie is pure magic. And when I was pulled out of my Shawshank trance during commercial breaks I just laid in bed and looked up at the ceiling and said out loud: “WHY ARE THE AMC PEOPLE SO SMART? I’m so tired. I HATE YOU. I love you.”

Yes, the classic 90s movie has forever been one of my favorites, but let me just tell you- when you watch it 5 times in a row- you uncover glories you didn't even know existed. By Thursday, I had memorized every line of the last hour of the movie. I knew when every commercial break was going to happen. And because I was a sleep deprived, hormonal basket-case, I hysterically cried around 1:55am EVERY NIGHT because Red found Andy in Mexico. (For the sake of accuracy, I actually started crying when Red carves his name next to Brooks’ name in the hotel room. Stop judging me)

The point, on this glorious Flashback Friday, is: 1) I’m clearly pathetic and 2) there are some movies that you can never get enough of. Even if they’re on every single day. You’ll watch. And you’ll cry. And you’ll love them. Then you’ll be exhausted and write a rambly blog post about it? Oh wait, that’s just me.

My “I’ll watch no matter what if they’re being played on TV” movie list:

American President

Sleepless in Seattle


Now and Then

Empire Records

Slums of Beverly Hills

That Thing You Do

Forest Gump

Mean Girls

What are yours??

Thursday, March 10, 2011


....and dance like nobody's watching :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just wanted a snack

Before a long flight this weekend I got very hungry. I resisted every urge to buy those delicious cinnamon-sugar covered little baby sized pretzel nuggets from the Auntie Ann's stand and opted for a much more responsible Snickers bar (regular size, not king size and I was very proud).

I was soo happy to have my Snickers bar and it was soo satisfying. There was a very little Asian man sitting next to me and he kept eyeing my Snickers like he wanted it but I didn't give him a bite.

Around my 4th delicious nibble, I felt full and wanted to save a couple bites. I do this a lot, I'm like a chipmunk. I like to store just oneeee more bite for later, usually in my cheeks. Because my cheeks are very big. I don't even remember what was going through my head but I ended up losing track of the delicious Snickers and forgetting all about it (I do this often too).

Throughout the flight me and my tiny Asian man flying partner hated each other. Let's call him Milton. He looked like a Milton. So, Milton was all up in my armrest space and he definitely had a bad case of gas. I think he was mad at me that I didn't offer him a bite of the Snickers. Basically it was a lot of sideways looks and annoyed shifting of body weight.

The plane lands. I go to grab my phone from in between my legs (where every respectable girl keeps her important possessions for safe keeping)- as I reach down something feels wrong. Uh oh. I pick up my phone to reveal the home screen button, the screen and the entire USB input COVERED in melted carmel and chocolate. Oh for the love of god.

I glance over to my little Milton nemesis and he's staring at me...he looks down at my phone...then he looks up at me...then back down to my phone. I was still mad at him for the armrest hogging and the farts so I decide to do what any respectable girl would do and totally licked the chocolate off. Like I straight up licked the screen of my phone. Then I shot him a really mean look that said "Don't mess with me, little man"

Unfortunately, just as I suspected, the rest of my delicious Snickers bar was melted allllll over the seat and on my pants. I got up with a growl, shot the man another look and ran off of the plane, leaving my dignity and melted mess in seat 14D.

On a scale of 1-10 how uncomfortable did this story just make you?