Friday, March 18, 2011

Dollaaa update!

To the Glitter Me This readers of the world:

I have something important to tell you....
I'm pregnant!

Just kidding!!!!!

Really what I've been dyingggg to tell you is how much money I've spent this week to follow up my post below. If you remember, I vowed to not spend a penny. Not.a.single.penny. Well I'm proud to report that I spent A.very.little.amount.of.pennies.

Let's track my money spending this week shall we? I AM SO PROUD!!!

First I made some big $$$ hitting up the piggy bank...

As I said I would, I spent $1.25 on coffee every day.

In a moment of weakness (and at a loss for an ingredient in a recipe) I bought a yellow onion! But that's ok because I was still dipping into my piggy bank money which I kind of considered free money and not even in the not.a.single.penny category.

Like 50 Japanese people were gathered in the subway taking donations, so I emptied out the change part of my wallet into their bucket. Now that I'm writing this I'm feeling really guilty I didn't give more of the piggy bank money.

After waiting for the bus last night for over 30 minutes while sideways glancing at the total hottie waiting next to me, a miracle happened that forced me to spend.a.penny: He hailed a cab and asked the driver to take him to THE EXACT INTERSECTION I WAS GOING. So obviously I had to ask him if I could share the ride with him. I'm incredibly awkward around super hot men so we had kind of nice, kind of awkward 10 minute car ride that was so worth every.little.penny.

That leaves me with $2 left of my piggy bank money!!!! That's all I spent from last Friday until today. So would you say that I'm technically up $2?

Now it's Friday, the Jayhawks are about to win and I just got paid. WAHPAM.

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  1. So proud. Only you would be able to pull that off. And nice save with the cab ride lol