Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Editor's Note:

Soooo I clearly haven't been making people happy with my once a week posting situation I've had going on. I think the weather is getting to me and I'm uninspired? I don't know. Anyway, this particular Flashback Friday was written the week of February 18 and was never finished/posted. I'mmmaaa winnnerrr! So FLASHBACK to a month ago when you're reading this. K? Great!

Sleep deprivation has hit me hard this week. I've been stressed out, overtired and giggling at things like Paula Abdul’s face and those Charmin no residue commercials. The No Sleep Week as I've (unaffectionately) been calling it has been due to 2 things: an ungodly amount of work/stress and...SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

Ohhh yes, Shawshank Redemption… because some programming genius at AMC decided it would be a good idea to repeat it from 12am - 2am EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. And I have subsequently watched it from 12pm – 2am EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

I couldn’t turn it off. Or close my eyes…let alone fall asleep…because every second of that movie is pure magic. And when I was pulled out of my Shawshank trance during commercial breaks I just laid in bed and looked up at the ceiling and said out loud: “WHY ARE THE AMC PEOPLE SO SMART? I’m so tired. I HATE YOU. I love you.”

Yes, the classic 90s movie has forever been one of my favorites, but let me just tell you- when you watch it 5 times in a row- you uncover glories you didn't even know existed. By Thursday, I had memorized every line of the last hour of the movie. I knew when every commercial break was going to happen. And because I was a sleep deprived, hormonal basket-case, I hysterically cried around 1:55am EVERY NIGHT because Red found Andy in Mexico. (For the sake of accuracy, I actually started crying when Red carves his name next to Brooks’ name in the hotel room. Stop judging me)

The point, on this glorious Flashback Friday, is: 1) I’m clearly pathetic and 2) there are some movies that you can never get enough of. Even if they’re on every single day. You’ll watch. And you’ll cry. And you’ll love them. Then you’ll be exhausted and write a rambly blog post about it? Oh wait, that’s just me.

My “I’ll watch no matter what if they’re being played on TV” movie list:

American President

Sleepless in Seattle


Now and Then

Empire Records

Slums of Beverly Hills

That Thing You Do

Forest Gump

Mean Girls

What are yours??


  1. i will indulge your blog-promotion-comment-inducing-question:

    I second your Clueless
    also: Rules of Attraction, Good Will Hunting, Mary Poppins . . .