Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today, Perez Hilton's "Quote of the Day" was from Ke$ha. I generally have hated Ke$ha in the past. She is scary looking and she kinda makes me uncomfortable and itchy all at the same time. This quote makes me uncomfortable and itchy but...I might be starting to like her?

“It doesn’t go anywhere. I’ve tried to get it off, but then I just reapply, so it seems relatively pointless. After about the third show I ever played, I was like, '%@*# it.' You might as well just learn to love it. I’ve found glitter anywhere a person could find glitter. I’ve choked on glitter. I found it behind the backs of my eyelids. Even in my food, in my beer. It clogs my shower after every show. There’s glitter in my piss. It’s so gross.”

- Ke$ha on, what else, her undying love for glitter

Dear Ke$ha, it's not gross...it's amazing.