Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just call us the Griswolds: Part

Ohhh on the road again, I just can't wait to be on the road again

Mom bought Dad an MU Snuggie at Walgreens.

We also bought a book light which she couldn't figure out how to she decided to clip it to her glasses for maximum lighting effectiveness.

After that got uncomfortable she clipped it to the handle in the car and settled in for a rousing read of the top chef cookbook.

St. Louis was just lovely. I basically spent 48 hours squeezing my Pawpaw and Auntie Cathy without letting go. I think they started getting uncomfortable but I couldn't help myself, they're so cute and smooshy.

My mom and her sista, Auntie Cathy, looking very festive by the Christmas tree at some restaurant.

You should see my Pawpaw. Ok allow me to show you:

I know. Could you die? I love him so much. Here we are hanging out at the family business: Block Loan and Jewelry which he's owned for 50 years.

(I would link to a video I posted a few months ago where he was featured on a St. Louis local news story about the store's anniversary but I don't know how to link on my phone... so do yourself some good and go Glitter Me This exploring and watch it.)

The store isn't exactly in a good area of St. Lou, (it freaks me out considering the city was recently named the most dangerous in the US) BUT he has really hilarious, loyal customers.

One woman was telling me about how she's known Pawpaw since she was little and how the whole neighborhood has my grandpa's back and how they'll protect him from anything.

This sentiment was followed by a 5 minute tirade about how KoolAid just isn't the same as it used to be. She used to only need one cup of sugar and now she swears she needs two. The woman in line behind her was equally as upset. I almost went into a whole Gwyneth Paltrow inspired speech about the devastating effects of artificial sweeteners on our natural sweetness receptors but I figured there is a time and place for that. And purple KoolAid just isn't the time. No sir ree bob.

Goodmans <3 onto Dallas.....

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Just call us The Griswolds: Part 1

Greetings from the road!! I downloaded Blogpress a few months ago but haven't had the opportunity to use it yet...well yippee for you because I now present: Blogging live from the Wilinsky Family Roadtrip!

I know, Merry Christmas.

We just wrapped our Kansas City portion of the trip- pics to follow soon. It was an awesome, yummy, nostalgic, fun-filled few days and now we're on the road for the second leg of the trip to visit family in St. Louis.

But first...pit stop in Columbia for food.

Our parents went to MU, us kids were smarter and went KU. Clearly, we like to fuel the rivalry every chance we can get.

See you in St. Louie!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dinner with Jordy

Jordy Joe Clark, portrait taken December 23 of 2010

"I'd say, this wine opened up quite nicely...wouldn't you agree Jordy?" -Benjamin

"Oh, you're a beer man? Wouldn't of guessed it with your phenomenal posture! -Benjamin

"I just can't listen to the radio anymore. Kids these days have got it all wrong. I'm convinced I was born in the wrong generation!" -Jordy
"You're telling me." -Sharon

"You're telling me. I haven't heard good music on the radio since Ace of Base." -Lara
"I did go through a rather significant Wilson Philips stage." -Jordy

"This empty conversation is making my tongue dry." -Jordy (napping onset by boredom)

"But Jordy, retirement is at least 15 years away"- Dan
"Dan, Betsy...I'm telling you, Morgan Stanley gives YOU the tools that you need to be successful. Forget about the competition and open your eyes, investing can be easy. Trust me." -Jordy
"Is this decaf?" -Betsy

Just Jordy and his thoughts.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things - by Liz Ann Beshears

EDITORS NOTE: My roommate Liz is very bored at work. I am very busy at work. Because I am a very nice roommate I allowed her to take her boredom out on you lovely readers with a guest post. If you are a funny person, a mildly decent writer and are on my good side...I just might let you guest post too. Maybe.

Her guest post kinda reminds me of a xanga. Remember xanga? Mine was brushfairy40oz (an homage to my 2 favorite albums when I was 15, Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytales and Sublime's 40oz to Freedom) Yup, that's right.

Ok now presenting: Miss Elizabeth Ann Beshears' list of her favorite things:

I do love coloring, but it didn't make the list of my favorite things - just thought it was funny. Without further ado here is a preview into the mind of Liz.


I love lip gloss. the pinker, the glitterier, the glossier. I love. I probably own over 30 different shades of pinks, reds, magenta's, fuchsias. All just to slather on my lips. The worst is when I'm drunk. I reapply and apply and apply - let me tell you, its hot


When I see a dog (of my personal preference) I die. I smile at strangers, laugh uncontrollably, interrupt conversations, stop people dead in their tracks just to get some tender lovin' from these simply perfect creatures.


I cant explain it. i just love cute things. Doesn't really matter what the object is as long as I find it cute. Cute things make me giddy and full of joy. My child will probably be the tackiest, most pinch-able cheek thing walking the streets. Although he/she might grow up to hate me, at least they grew up cute.


South American food, Central American food, TeX Mex, etc. you get the picture. Basically anything that involves beans, rice, chicken, tortillas, salsa and cheese I love. If you know any good places (in NYC), let me know, and ill be your date (my treat, depending when i got my last pay check)

These are only a few of my favorite things. Believe me, there are plenty more, each better than the next. I seriously could do this everyday - posting things about ME.....why not??? hope you enjoy

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Texts from Bets Vol. 6


We're going on a huge road trip for the holidays to see family and friends all over the Midwest. (editor's note: omg yay!!!!) The 12 day multi-state road trip wouldn't be complete without our 85lb golden retriever...obviously. Well apparently at her age it's unsafe to put our baby in the cargo storage part of the plane for the long flight between San Diego to Kansas City. So my furry sister has to stay home and we are so sad.

Well...Mom thought of a solution:

Via text from Bets:
"Omg forgot to tell you. Someone at work told me that you can order an online vest for dogs that says service dogs! And there is no charge for them to fly at your feet and it's against the law for people to question why you have a service dog!!!! Damn it!!! Doesn't it just figure! There is a way to get a bootleg service dog vest."

Now before you go judging here was the follow up text:

"Don't learn bad lessons from me-except twofers at the movies on christmas. That's as bad as the wilinskys get! And btw I always feel guilty on that second movie!"

Getting in the holiday text at a time.

You know you aren't working anyway

My mom used to tell me all the time "Stand up straight" but you know what? I was standing up straight.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

To my number #1 reader

For you, my beautiful cousin Emily:

PS- !!!!!!
PPS- Please ignore the horrible technical quality of the vid, you don't even know what I just went through
PPPS- !!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday night inspiration

Jammies. Couch. Wine. Woop.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glitto's Hall of Fame

There is a select group of furry, smooshy, adorable babies that fill my text inbox often. My friends and family like to make me squeal by sending me these pictures and I think it's about time I shared some of them with you.

A text messaged gallery of my ultimate glitto's:

Junebug Allard

...of the previous blogging fame.

She had a rough day when she took this one :( I mean really...could you die?

Floppy, sleepy puppy.

Sebastian Gruskin

The smooshball that you all know and love has recently been sporting a cone due to his recent lack o' balls.

Haircut time?

Dame Sophie Ann Wilinsky

...seen here lounging in the garage while my parents cleaned.

This was a text message sent to me by my Mom in reaction to the news that my cousin Matt and Rachel got engaged. It was accompanied by text that said "Sophie says Mazel Tov!" Please note the strategic placement of the bow in the middle of her head. I think it really gives her that extra oompf don't you?

Miss Maggie Siegel

All inquiries for additional photos have gone ignored today by Mr. Robbie Siegel. The punishment? This lone sad looking pic is the only thing the public will know of her.

Odette Seliger

This precious pup is pretty much my virtual BFF thanks to Rachel's endless stream of emails, texts and facebook pics of her little cupcake.

Binyomin Shlomo Koppel

And now proudly presenting the newest little nugget in my family, my cousin, Binny or as I refer to him... Boo Boo. When he grows up he will call me Auntie Cousin. He is perfect and yummy and sleeps for 12 hours each night. I want to eat him up with a spoon.