Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Khristmas!

Go ahead and judge me but I am positively obsessed with the Kardashian's newly released Christmas card. (Khristmas kard?). It's not a secret that I'm a lover of trashy pop culture and the K clan really encapsulates it all. Some say they're famous and act entitled for no reason but I say pish posh- they have talent, people. Their uber-family boasts an Olympic athlete, a star NBA player, asses the size of Montana, milky skin and the ability to shamelessly promote themselves in such a way that marketing books should seriously devote whole chapters to them.

If I was really good at photoshop and had a significant amount of time on my hands (I'm not and I don't) I would superimpose my family's faces onto theirs and distribute this as the Wilinsky family Hannukah card. I would be Khloe because how fierce does she look in that dress? My mom would obviously be Kris and Ben would be baby Mason. Sophie would then be placed on all remaining family members. My Dad would be Lamar because that would be funny...

Oo oo that reminds me of a random Wilinsky family story:
One of my mom's favorite stories from Ben's childhood is how he came home from preschool one day with a picture he made. All the kids were asked to cut images out of magazines to represent their family members and glue them to a piece of paper. My 4 year old brother cut out a very large black man to represent my Dad. She had it hanging up in her office for years after.

I think it should also be mentioned here... however annoying Keeping up with the Karshians is (Kris should permanently be banned from the show in my opinion) Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is the single best reality show that's been on TV in years. I would like that show and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to air 24 hours a day, Truman Show style, so I can just watch their whole lives and pretend I'm friends with everyone.

Ps- my thoughts on the photo in no particular order:
1) It looks like a painting not a photograph the way that they all are so airbrushed
2) Khloe looks the fiercest out of everyone. Rock it girl.
3) Whichever semi-creepy younger sister that is on the left hand side SHE LOOKS LIKE A STRAIGHT UP ALIEN.
4) I want to eat Mason's cheeks for lunch
5) Scott is wearing monogramed slippers

UPDATED: I probably should have posted the rest of these pictures earlier to give it some context. But look! The Kardashians aren't just into themselves this year, they always do krazy khristmas kards!!! Oh those Kardashians!

My personal favorite:

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