Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday

There is a glorious glorious blog that does Flashback Friday every single post. I've been so obsessed that I don't think I've stopped telling people about it for like a week. (Ever since Robbie posted it on his facebook....Side note: ROBBIE GOT A FACEBOOK. After an intense, passionate 5-year battle against the man, he finally realized he's an idiot and signed up. And he's already the best link-poster I know. Welcome to the decade Rob, we're so happy to have you)

ANYWAY. The blog is called the Things 90s Kids Realize. And it's a work of literary genius. No joke, I don't think I've ever connected to a person like I do the man who writes this stuff. It's like he's in my head. You have to go to it.. right now. Right this second. You have to read it.

Ok here are some of my favorites and then go read it for yourself.

My future husband explains:
Cheese & Crackers are one thing but Lunchables flipped the script on us when they created the quick fix Pizzas — kids went ape-shit. I remember reveling in glory over the fact that I was actually constructing my own delicious, mini pizza. If you were one of the crafty kids you would do sauce on top of the cheese and pepperoni or make a sandwich out of it. Recently I bought one to see if it created the same fireworks as it had in years past and let me say, it’s still pretty damn phenomenal. That being said, “Pizza Lunchables” taste NOTHING like “actual pizza”… Or does “actual pizza” taste nothing like” Pizza Lunchables”? Hmmm, talk about food for thought

Understatement of the century. I ate cereal 3 times a day for about 15 years. I'm not kidding.

I mean, seriously, anytime I can talk to someone about nickelodeon tv shows of my past, I'm a happy girl. Are You Afraid of the Dark did scare me- do you know what scared me more? Zeek the Plumber from Salute Your Shorts. I was at Girl Scout Camp when I was like 9 and I remember hysterically crying myself to sleep because I thought Zeek the Plumber with his missing nose was going to attack me in the woods where I was sleeping.

So the very very very best part of this dude's blog are the fake facebook status' he makes. Here's my favorite. There's a Full House one that is unbelievable.

Ok ready for it?

I want to marry the man who writes this stuff. He's probably 300lbs, addicted to World of Warcraft and hasn't left his apartment for 2 years. But with an appreciation for the 90s like he has, I think I might let those things fly.