Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Texts from Bets Vol. 6


We're going on a huge road trip for the holidays to see family and friends all over the Midwest. (editor's note: omg yay!!!!) The 12 day multi-state road trip wouldn't be complete without our 85lb golden retriever...obviously. Well apparently at her age it's unsafe to put our baby in the cargo storage part of the plane for the long flight between San Diego to Kansas City. So my furry sister has to stay home and we are so sad.

Well...Mom thought of a solution:

Via text from Bets:
"Omg forgot to tell you. Someone at work told me that you can order an online vest for dogs that says service dogs! And there is no charge for them to fly at your feet and it's against the law for people to question why you have a service dog!!!! Damn it!!! Doesn't it just figure! There is a way to get a bootleg service dog vest."

Now before you go judging here was the follow up text:

"Don't learn bad lessons from me-except twofers at the movies on christmas. That's as bad as the wilinskys get! And btw I always feel guilty on that second movie!"

Getting in the holiday spirit...one text at a time.

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