Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just wanted to blog...

This is a sad sad tale. I stayed home sick from work today because...I'm sick. I'm achy and my throat hurts and I'm achy. Achyyy. After I came out of my sweaty, weird-dreamy sleep it occurred to me that this sick day might be a blessing in disguise because OH MY GOD I CAN BLOG. I got rather giddy at the prospect of being able to blog uninterrupted all day long. The giddiness turned to weezing which turned into dizziness then I had to sit down. The sitting down turned into laying down for just one second which turned into passing out for more sweaty, weird-dreamy sleep which lasted all day.

But I would not accept defeat. I wanted to blog. So every few hours I would wake up, pull out my computer, type a few nonsensical words, wince at the screen, groan, pass out.

I tried whining really loud so the neighbors could hear me and feel bad for me but it just made me dizzy. I tried writing a few emails for work but people just told me to stop talking and we'll figure things out tomorrow. Does this post even have a point? Um no. I just wanted to blog on this bloggy blog.

It was such a lovely idea filled with happiness and writing and picture posting.

The point, my dear readers, is that I have so many posts for you filled with laughing and thanksgiving recapping and joy and music. They'll have to wait. Because my fingers hurt. And my toes hurt. And don't get me started on my throat.

Now, will someone please come over and tickle my back? I'll give you some soup and a high five.

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  1. I just did that thing where you start laughing in public so loudly and people think you're laughing at yourself. Yeah just happened but that made my day!