Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things - by Liz Ann Beshears

EDITORS NOTE: My roommate Liz is very bored at work. I am very busy at work. Because I am a very nice roommate I allowed her to take her boredom out on you lovely readers with a guest post. If you are a funny person, a mildly decent writer and are on my good side...I just might let you guest post too. Maybe.

Her guest post kinda reminds me of a xanga. Remember xanga? Mine was brushfairy40oz (an homage to my 2 favorite albums when I was 15, Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytales and Sublime's 40oz to Freedom) Yup, that's right.

Ok now presenting: Miss Elizabeth Ann Beshears' list of her favorite things:

I do love coloring, but it didn't make the list of my favorite things - just thought it was funny. Without further ado here is a preview into the mind of Liz.


I love lip gloss. the pinker, the glitterier, the glossier. I love. I probably own over 30 different shades of pinks, reds, magenta's, fuchsias. All just to slather on my lips. The worst is when I'm drunk. I reapply and apply and apply - let me tell you, its hot


When I see a dog (of my personal preference) I die. I smile at strangers, laugh uncontrollably, interrupt conversations, stop people dead in their tracks just to get some tender lovin' from these simply perfect creatures.


I cant explain it. i just love cute things. Doesn't really matter what the object is as long as I find it cute. Cute things make me giddy and full of joy. My child will probably be the tackiest, most pinch-able cheek thing walking the streets. Although he/she might grow up to hate me, at least they grew up cute.


South American food, Central American food, TeX Mex, etc. you get the picture. Basically anything that involves beans, rice, chicken, tortillas, salsa and cheese I love. If you know any good places (in NYC), let me know, and ill be your date (my treat, depending when i got my last pay check)

These are only a few of my favorite things. Believe me, there are plenty more, each better than the next. I seriously could do this everyday - posting things about ME.....why not??? hope you enjoy

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