Monday, March 14, 2011

I need a dolla, dolla

Ohhh the joys of having a government job. I have national holidays off, a very consistent schedule and...I'm completely broke. So broke in fact, that I brought in all the coins from my (adorable) piggy bank this weekend and literally rejoiced when I got back $13. I clapped and did a little dance and almost hugged the couple in line behind me. Note for New Yorkers: FYI- TD Bank no longer counts change for free, they now charge 6% and to that I say:

Dear TD Bank,
Broke in the East Village

So I did a couple of major grocery shopping excursions, didn't go out this weekend and have officially declared that I won't spend a penny this week.


Ok, full disclosure: in typical New Yorker fashion that does not include the $1.25 I spend on coffee every morning because that coffee doesn't count and I need it to breath. But besides that...


Raise your hand if you think I can do it!
(This came up when I googled "monopoly money" aaaand I want them)

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