Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One last note on the GGs

Yesterday's post literally left me in a state of depression. I'm not kidding, I was like grumpy and moody for the rest of the day. It could've also been the horrendous weather we had here (it was kind of a sleet, rain, freezing shit combo of gloom) but I swear bringing negativity on to GMT totally brought me down. So I'm not going to do that anymore....AFTER this post.

You see in my frantic display of fashion bashing I forgot about some of the worst offenders. And we can't have that now can we? I was going to ignore it and get on with my positive, happy, sunshiney life but alas I tossed and turned in bed soo much last night thinking about it- I knew I had to post just a little more.

Without further adieu, here are a few comments I left out:

How oh how could I forgot this horrible monstrosity of a dress? Oh look! We have some fabric left over from the alterations! Let's pin it on your shoulder! Horrible idea. It looks like a bad herpes growth and she's in serious need of a steamer.

Whyyyyyyyyy. Just whyyyyy. Burlap sack + 6 year old's art project does not equal Golden Globe winner!! Bad color. Worse fit. But it definitely just goes to show that Michelle Williams could look beautiful in literally a brown paper bag. I love her.

Ok here's what I have to say about this. I love it. She's like the Bjork of the silver screen. I think it would be ridiculous to put her on worst dressed lists because clearly she's saying FU to the worst dressed lists. I mean, 2 different color shoes? Come on. She's a brilliant actress, she likes screwing with convention and I say go for it. It definitely makes these things so much more fun.

I need to end all of this negatively on a positive note or else I'm going to hyperventilate and cry so let's just take a second to bask in the glory that is Queen Catherine. Doesn't she look like a living, breathing Spanish Queen?? If she had on a giant diamond necklace and an even more giant crown I would literally bow down in her presence. And we all know how much I love royalty.

Now back to our regularly scheduled glitteryness.

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