Thursday, January 13, 2011

I heart NY

I often fantasize about the blog post I will write describing my love for New York. Yes, from time to time, I tease you with silly iphone photos that hastily show the little things I love about this city. But, no no…I’m talking a mother of all posts…a pièce de résistance of Glitter Me This, a pillar of my writing career. This will be a full-blown love letter to NYC that I will then obviously submit to New York Magazine. They’d take one read of the literary work of genius and declare that I must work for them. Tomorrow. Not a day to be wasted. Obviously.

Seriously, this is what I fantasize about…that’s normal.

But unfortunately for you (and the entire roster of New York magazine subscribers?) today is not that day. Instead please enjoy this story I produced back in December as a video love letter to the city during the holidays. I think it’s rather adorable if I do say so myself and I figured I should show it to you...ohhhh before February. As always- if the embedded video’s quality sucks (which it usually does) go to this link to watch it from our video on demand player.

"In a city so quick and so anonymous- there’s a sense we’re in it together. It’s as if we’re all in on the secret…that this is the greatest place on earth."

Award winning post coming soon? Ya ok.

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