Monday, January 31, 2011

Living in a snowglobe.

Let's just throw it out there...this snow thing is getting old. It's cold! and wet! and those puddles! Puddles, puddles, puddles and more puddles. Oh, you know the puddles? The puddles that are filled with that street salt that leave those white lines of doom on all of my shoes?

I hear all of my favorite shoes calling out from my closet like long lost friends "pleaseeee wear me, I'm so cute!" and I say with a sigh "no cutie shoes, there are still those salt puddles" then I put on my stupid clunky rainboots and clump, haphazardly, around town.

However much I'm sick of the cold! and the wet! and the salt puddles! seeing Manhattan under a fresh 12 inches of white powder was enough to take my breath away. I literally gasped when I left my apartment. The world felt beautiful and fresh and clean. I wish this picture captured it better:

Ironically (and hilariously) the same day as our pretty little blizzard in NYC, the temple where my mom works in San Diego had a "snow day" of their own. They brought in fake snow and in the 75 degree weather dressed the preschool kids up for a blizzard. Please just look at these adorable babies all ready for their snowday:

Our blizzard:

San Diego blizzard:

New York kids:

San Diego kids:

I think you get the point. I bet my parent's don't have to deal with the damn puddles.

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  1. This is madness! But as always, you still find a way to look fashionable even when there are blizzards :)