Monday, January 24, 2011

Shout out to my homies

First... before I begin the longer shout out below, I'd like to say a big HAAAAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY to my number one homie- Mr. Rob "Big Bob Spillman" Siegel. I'll probably write a longer post later about how he will undoubtably hate the presents I got him. Happy birthday Big Bob- Glitter Me This loves you!!

But this shout out really goes to a one Lisa "Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa" Bomberg.

I'm thinking that the beautiful Ms. Bomberg is rather bored right now and in need of a rather large pick-me-up. Well Lis- I'm here to help. Here is a post to make you smile, laugh and hopefully zone out for a few minutes. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I mean, Lar, you really capture some key moments/people/places/things here. Job well done! And Feliz Navidad. Kisses to my sista!!

  2. Oh & you must realllllly love Lis if you posted that gorgeous picture of yourself again! I mean I know you hate looking vain and all... so you would really only make other people feel bad about themselves for someone REALLY special right!?

  3. I love u !!!! And my bff. And can u tell me which opi color that is? thankkkkkks