Friday, January 21, 2011

Dance dance dance dance

Alright this is so awesome I had to show it to you. Girl Talk + sporadic dancing in the streets + a pastel Starter jacket? I think I need to meet these people.

Via Huffington Post:

The Staten Island Ferry is the unlikely setting of an insanely magical new dance video.
And yet, as a (semi) curious crowd looks on, these dancers frolic and writhe on the Ferry's deck and even on the station's escalators. But who are these dancing kings and queens?

They are a rotating group, led by improvisational dancer Anne Marsen, who are in the process of creating a long form video to accompany dance party favorite Girl Talk's latest album, All Day. The video will eventually be album length and feature dance scenes in recognizable places all over the city. They plan on finishing the piece in the spring of 2011 and screening it in public (as well as posting it online).

The dancing is very freeform and often silly, but most enjoyable is how the New Yorkers around them barely notice this stranger in plainclothes suddenly bursting with dance.
My favorite part starts at the 4:40 mark. Ahhhh I just love this!! In tribute to this awesome vid- I'm going to dance all weekend long. Want to join me?

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