Sunday, August 29, 2010


Seriously. I live for this.

It's 40 minutes into the show. Ok here we go.
- The opening was GENIUS. I've already re-watched it twice.
- The voiceovers after someone wins are SOO funny.

That's it for now- onto the clothes.
*I think it might be the most awkward thing in the world to watch video of people posing on the red carpet. They make the creepiest faces and body movements to achieve those perfect pics we see.

Here are the pics I can find on the internet right now. More to come later.

The bests:

I miss the grey hair but god she just looks amazing lately.

Navy is definitely the color of the night and Lea is rocking it. Of course she would. File her under the category of one of the people that is awkward to watch pose on the red carpet. She's gotten too skinny but she looks hot. People say that about me all the time. It gets so annoying.

-That's all the bests I got right now. Apparently I don't think too many people look that great. Jane Lynch looks pretty. I'll find more later.

The not so hots:

Love you but horrible.

Oh jesus. Eat a burger and chill out on the tanning for the love of god. You look like an alien.

There are no words.

Holy shit are you kidding me? THIS IS SLOAN. Has somebody highjacked Sloan? I'm freaking out about this but Jaime tells me this is the girl from Vampire Diaries and not Emmanuelle Chriqui. Does Huffington Post have this mislabeled? Ah someone help!
Ew. You have to see her hair from the side. Ew.

She looks pretty but doesn't she look the exact same every award show she goes to? Big earrings, same hair. Ovaaa ittttt.

Why is she there. Get out of our lives. Oh ya she was in the intro. Ew.

Ok Hills girls were there. Dear Lo, it's not a business meeting. It's the Emmys.

Stephanie Pratt. Jaime thinks she looks great. I think she looks like a tranny version of Aubrey O'Day. Tomato Tomahto.


  1. Okay so I just looked it up. That's not Emmanuelle. Her name is Nina Dobrev, and yeah she's from Vampire Diaries. So I guess Huffington Post is incorrect.

  2. yea, and she was in the intro as well.