Monday, June 7, 2010

Someone grab me a brown paper bag

Oh god, oh god. Hyperventilating.

Long story short my life this week has revolved around the iphone (subsequently being the reason I haven't been blogging but I'll explain when I'm not on deadline at work and trying to fit a blog posting in)
See if you can follow:
  • lost the iphone at Marni's wedding
  • freaked out, hyperventilated and had a panic attack
  • was dropped off of my cell phone insurance because I made too many claims
  • had to borrow a blackberry and have my service transferred
  • spent 3 hrs on the phone with ATT after they realized they had overcharged us by $700 on last month's bill
  • found out last night the maid of honor had the iphone in her luggage that she just unpacked
  • old phone is being overnighted
  • Apple holds their annual conference and announces the new 4g iphone
  • freaked out, hyperventilated and had a panic attack
  • aaaaand we've come full circle.
Now after all the happiness of having my phone returned, I'm plotting how much money I can get for selling it to buy:


Go watch the video here because it won't let me embed and because it is UNREAL. I'm feeling weak.

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