Monday, June 14, 2010


I've always known my brother was special.

Early on there were the hints- he could ride a two wheeler before he was six and he could build blanket forts so they'd stay up for days. He didn't whine when I always got to play the teacher or when I treated him like my babydoll. My little baby brother never complained- he was just happy because I was happy.

Later, I watched him become the captain of the tennis team and an MVP roller hockey goalie. He pinned down opponent after opponent in wrestling and caught interceptions on his state championship winning football team (pretty much the best moment of my Dad's life).

He finishes cross-word puzzles and writes poetry and solves Rubik's cubes in under two minutes. He taught himself the trumpet and guitar and harmonica and ulkele- and used to fill our house with music as he worked out the chords.

He has blossomed into a student leader and a class senator and protective mentor to a little brother.But really it's who he is under those accomplishments that makes me the most proud. He inspires me with his wit and his compassion and his fierce loyalty to friends. He's kind and brilliant and creative. Poetic, sensitive, hilarious, thoughtful.

My life has been better because I've had the opportunity to watch him grow and thrive. He's my best friend and who I look up to the most and let's be honest...he'll probably be a state senator by the time he's 30. The best part is, I'm just so proud. Everyday.

The other day I got a call at work from a flower delivery man needing directions to my apartment. A quick mental checklist told me there is nobody and no reason to send me flowers right now. Imagine my surprise when I got home and read this note:
"Just because you're a great sister and I miss you. I thought I'd get you flowers and I just got paid. Love, Benny"

Seriously? How did I get so lucky to get him as a brother? Now he's studying abroad in Costa Rica and hiking volcanos..

....and jumping off bridges...

..and living an amazing life. Ben, I love you more than Sweet Tomatoes Won Ton Chicken Happiness, To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, and my blankie combined.


  1. Lara,

    What beautiful words. I think that it's great that you two have a relationship like that. I guess it comes from Ben having a sister and having to express himself in other ways than movie quotes and buntzies (spelling?). Those pictures are great, and I'm sure that there are tons more that even better. I could probably dig some up if I tried. At any rate, no younger sibling would be complete without the older, and I guarantee that all of those attributes that you rattled off come at the hands of a caring older sister. Love you.


  2. i want to marry him. you're so lucky little lady.