Monday, June 21, 2010

That's right make it work, eat your salad, no dessert.

Lately the light blogging has been due to a crazy, heavy work schedule. I absolutely HATE not blogging. When I finally do get to post an entry it's like a bulimic who finally purges after a huge binge. Ahhh it feels so great and I feel so light! (No? Insensitive?) While my blog has been suffering, I have been getting to do some pretaaay cool things for my job. Ch-ch-ch-check it out:

That's so New York shoot with host Kela Walker (She has google alerts! Hi Kela!) We had a marathon day of shooting last Friday on Coney Island. Here we're touring Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs- home of the annual hot dog eating contest!

Hosty host.

We went to Barnum's Circus. Here I am looking oh so beautiful and not creepy at all.

Alright, so I'm working on an amazing project going behind the scenes of the clothing archives at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to air during Fashion Week. (The picture above is the Director of FIT). I'll post links in a few months and won't really talk about the project until then but in the meantime- look at the beautiful things I've had the opportunity to play with. And when I say play with I mean I can't actually touch anything and the people that are allowed to touch have to where special gloves. Try telling me that I can't touch something- god I was going ballistic.

1954 Dior

I was creeping in the racks- look at this vintage Westwood sparkle.

Shoes set up for the shoot.

Rodarte for Louboutin. words.

A paper dress from the sixties, these were popular for about 2 years and were meant to wear for only 1 day. This was considered an expensive one at about $3.50.

My favorite thing I saw throughout the day: Alexander McQueen boots donated by his best friend Daphine Guinness.

I can't say it enough but I love this little blog.

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