Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Becoming a part of the we.

We walk quickly, seamlessly finding holes in groups of people and gliding our way through them.

We swipe the Metrocard without having to slow the pace of our walk.

We always carry reading material anticipating the long waits at Trader Joe's, the bank or in the subways.

We automatically know which way is north and south, east and west.

We know the busy streets to avoid and the pretty streets to walk down, where to catch the sun on chilly days and where to avoid it on the sweltering ones.

Our favorite bodega owners know how we take our coffee and the fruit stand man always slips in an extra orange.

The bus grid and subway map are stored in the back of our minds, quick changes and smarter routes come naturally and without much thought.

Bags of trash, sirens, crowds- they fade away and no longer bother us.

Hail a cab, give a destination, push mute, swipe card. Mindless.

And yet, the splendor and beauty of the city is never lost- an entire world still waiting to be discovered.

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