Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't get you outta my head

I just can't get it outta my head. I've been positively obsessing over a little trip coming up. When I say obsessing I mean...I have lists. I have music playlists. Packing lists. Food lists. Clothes lists. FOR A TRIP THAT IS IN JULY. I go to bed thinking about it, I am less productive at work because I'm day-dreaming about it. I tripped on a curb yesterday because I was thinking so hard about the sparkly bikini top and tutu that I want to wear (too much?).

Is it because I'm now a working girl and craving a vacation? Is it because I desperately miss my best friends and can't wait to share a tent with them? Is it because I just want to drive! with the windows down! and the music blaring! YES YES YES!!

4th of July+ Nateva Festival+ My favorite girls ahhhhhhh. Photo montage of my excitement below.

Zipcarrrrrr. We have reserved a Scion XB named Buhler. Gas, tolls and ipod dock included. Oh boy.

6 hours to Maine. Nothing but open road. Drool.

Insert us here.

And here.
And here.

And definitely here.

We'll be roastin 'dem weenies. Classic picture via google search "roasting weenies"

4th of July!!!!! I want to wear a whole red, white and blue, flag-ish outfit with glittery makeup but like hippy-ish camping/festival-chic style. You dig?

It's going to be a pure, insane, amazing weekend of straight happiness to the brain.

Obsessing, can you tell?

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  1. okay, sounds awesome but i cannot believe you are going to maine WITHOUT ME! thats my home state biaaa! nubble light, rangeley lake...acadia national NEED a tour guide! HELLO! tell maine i said hello...its the most beautiful place ever and im dying of jealousy.