Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biding my time

Yes its true, I love many things in life- puppies and glitter and flowers and food (not necessarily in that order). But one of the true loves of my life is the New York weekend. Ahh the glorious weekend (cue gentle harp music and parting clouds)- the single greatest thing about being out of school and definitely one of the best parts of living in New York. I'm perfectly happy with my work weeks, in fact, I generally enjoy them but ahh the weekend. Those 48 hours of open reign when anything can happen. And when the weather is nice? Forget about it.

Random amazing band in the park.

Living in New York on a nice sunny weekend means endless possibilities. Laying out in parks, drinking on roofs, bagels from Ess-a. There are the boozy brunches and sober brunches and the after a boozy night brunches. Aimlessly walking with friends, sleeping in, day time yoga. Dancing, dancing, dancing. 24-hr diners, rollerblading, and all of those street fairs. Living in the anticipation of the weekend? Yes I am...bring it on.

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