Monday, April 19, 2010


Oh hello there! Where has this week gone? I have been shirking my Glitter Me This responsibilities and I’m so sorry. I generally measure the productivity of my week by how much I post- I also measure the quality of my week by the quality of those posts. It’s pretty depressing really. But this week I didn’t post because I was being so productive outside of Glitter Me This. Let’s take a look at my week in pictures shall we?

Facacta focaccia

This became more of a flat bread than a focaccia. While the cracker-like fociccia was mildly good (if you don’t mind high levels of sodium), the episode of Glee was amazing and the company that came over to watch made everything even better. What are we making this week!? (ps- Liz is making salmon).

These are photos from my amazing shoot on Thursday at PS35 in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. This story (airing 4/29) will focus on the Step It Up dance competition and how the amazing winners of last year’s competition continue to inspire their community through dance.

The Step It Up competition is an intense dance competition sponsored by NIKE. While this is a dance competition at heart, 70% of the total score is based off of community service initiatives.Fully Focused, last year’s winning group, picked the topic of domestic violence in teenage relationships as their initiative. They hold workshops throughout their community to teach young women how to protect themselves in relationships. They have incorporated their message into their dance routines and the affects are awe-inspiring.

The lights in Chicago's O'hare airport never get old.

Chicago for Marni’s bridal shower!!

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got.

The only picture from the rest of the weekend. Tsukasa hibachi steakhouse with Robbie- these are the globs of “golden” sauce they put on their shrimp. I think it’s just cream and butter, Im not sure. I’m nauseous just looking at this stuff. See that filet in the background though? That was mine. Yum.

This is Sophie at the Parkinson’s Walk in San Diego on Saturday. My parents organized a team on behalf of Grammy. Look at how philanthropic Sophie is.

And viola! It’s Monday and I’m back in action!!

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  1. I think the girl who did a 13 page transcription should get a shout out from that awesome week as well : ). Glad to see you made it safe and sound back to the city and that it was a fantastic weekend in Chicago.