Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missing a piece

The complexities of workplace relationships are hard to describe. Coworkers are the people you spend the majority of your time with. You eat with them, and share jokes with them and fight with them and grow with them. However, these relationships are often times left at the door at the end of each work day only to be picked right back up each morning. But undoubtedly- they are some of the most important and influential relationships in our lives.

I've often struggled with how to define Dave. My coworker? My husband? My boo? Nothing really seems to fit or suffice. He's my creative partner, my solace on a bad day. He finishes my thoughts, completes my sentences and understands me better than most of my best friends.

We first met while working on Table for Twelve, a reality show on ABC. We bonded while working by ourselves in the ABC basement one weekend. I had gone out the night before and realized at about 3am I had forgotten my keys and had to sleepover at a friends house. I showed up to ABC at 7am, totally frazzled and in a silk mini skirt and heels. In that not-at-all-embarrassing outfit, I proceeded to have to work 48hrs straight with my new friend, Dave, by my side. Since that weekend running barefoot down the halls at ABC, he still hasn't left my side.

For the past year, we've followed each other from job to job. When he accepted a position with NYCTV, it felt natural to go as well because my other half was there to make it feel like home.

Yesterday was Dave's last day. He took an amazing opportunity at MTV. It all happened quickly as it often does in our field and before I knew it...he was gone. He's not here anymore and the loss feels profound. We shared food, and stories and always took breaks at the same time. He always bought me sticky buns (and then tried to get me to eat them) and he would drop anything he was doing to help me with whatever I might need. Our 9-5 lives were in tandem and I'll have to adjust.

Work relationships are complex and mine and Dave's was no exception. We'd rarely see each other outside of work. We don't mix groups of friends or try to go to the same parties on the weekends. I know about his life and he knows about mine but with a respectful distance. And yet, I feel closer to him than anyone. What is he to me? My best friend? My coworker? For now, it might be the end of this chapter- but I know he's still there by my side waiting for the next time we'll be back together.


  1. AW Lara! I'm sure Dave feels the same. And in our workplace your relationship was a great example of how it should be. You both should be proud to have cultivated such a work-friendship and brought some positive loving energy! We love you Dave!!!