Friday, July 16, 2010

Z-Tripping out has consistently provided me a with slew of great nights since moving to NY. Their daily emails have kept me satisfied with hot parties, great music videos and often times, crazy nights of debauchery. Trusty GBH really came through on Wednesday night. Before I start tooting their horn too much I should say that the event totally and completely sucked. No biggie. I'll explain.

I love a DJ named Z-Trip. Do you like GirlTalk? Cool, Ztrip originated that shit. He is the father of the mashup. He doesn't tour, he doesn't play too many concerts. I've always wanted to see him live- very very rare to do. It turns out Z-Trip was DJing a private party for the launch of the new video game Hot Pursuit: Need For Speed at the Classic Car Club. Invite Only. Enter GBH. Ohh GBH. I love you. I want to make out with you.

GBH let me know about the event (Actually Robbie read about it first and alerted me. I want to put it on record that Robbie is a 100x bigger z-trip fan than me and was greatly missed on Wednesday night) and they provided an invite to the open bar event.

Well, the event was a disaster. Apparently, GBH wasn't the only promotor behind the night and it felt like half of NY was there. It also felt like the organizers had never planned a party before. Paulina and I were about 3 minutes away from storming in and taking control. We arrived 20 minutes early and there was already a line down the street and around the block. We finally got in about an hour later and it was sheer pandemonium in the form of long lines, loud video game displays and a weird combination of hipsters and hiphoppers. The free drinks were gross, the people weren't the classiest bunch I've ever seen but here's where the ranting stops and the happiness and exclamation points begin.

First of all, I went with the best posse I could have ever asked for. My ABC bff's- Emily and Paulina and Emily's friend (and my friend too!) Meg. We shook off the bad vibes of the weird event around us as I tried to explain to them that.. guys, this isn't just any DJ. He is an ARTIST. Copious amounts of blue vodka drinks, a police photo-op, and a few video game demos later.....Z-trip! Z-trip finally came on! He tore it uppppppp. Metaphorically ripped it to shreds. Side note: He sampled TechN9ne AND Atmosphere during his set- excuse me what? I freaked. Ztrip represented the midwest in NY.
It was pretty clear that there weren't too many people there that actually knew who Z-Trip was so there was this devoted posse standing around his little DJ table. Eventually, the posse turned into a full out dance party. A very, very sweaty dance party. We were in heels. We danced and danced and took pictures and had a blast. It was such a great time, with such great friends.

We ended the night with cheap pizza and beer at Crocodile Lounge followed by a big sleepover at Casa de Wilinsky.

Bathtub feet soaking due excessive dancing in heels.

A lovely night had by all. Brought to you by, Ztrip, and ABC News.

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