Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maine mixtape vol. 2

I know, I know, I know. The most loyal of the Glitt'o Babes out there (I'm looking at you, Emily and Grammy) have probably been wondering where my big, promised Maine wrap up went. Here's the thing. I wrote the intro. It was hysterical. Seriously, some of my best writing yet. Here's the other thing, I don't know if I've told you this before but I do most of my writing in the notes app on my iPhone while riding the subway. So I get going on this great post. Seriously- it was pretty funny. I'm comparing Greenwich, Connecticut to Cher's neighborhood in Clueless, I'm describing my love for animal crackers that come in plastic bears. Really solid stuff. Then I realize that the notes app is totally malfunctioning and has deleted what I had just spent like 3 subway trips writing.

ARGGGGGG. So I realize this, start hyperventilating in the line at Trader Joes, mildly start crying and text a couple friends looking for some sort of sympathy. While I appreciated everyones condolences on my oh so terrible loss ("But you totally don't understand, I wrote soooo much." "I know, Lara, life is really hard.") They didn't actually help me get the content back. Feeling defeated, I decided I just don't want to write the wrap up anymore.

The trip was amazing. We had a blast. The zipcar worked out perfectly. The camping was oh so fun. I ate a lot of animal crackers and a thing called a Pork in a Oven at a random restaurant in Maine (BBQ shredded pork cooked in a homemade loaf of bread washed down with a wild blueberry wheat ale. Ya...). We danced, we sang, we blew bubbles. And with that, my friends, the Maine trip is officially wrapped.

BUT fear not, the Maine mixtape series is still going strong. Click the links below, download the goodies, turn off the lights in your room and dance around in the dark. I think it will be good for you.


Source of my summer motto "dance the way I feel"

Ok here's the thing about this song, I downloaded it randomly without hearing it because I thought the name was funny. So when it came on in the car on the roadtrip I like died. Whaaaat is this!? I don't even know but I've literally become obsessed with it. It's not even a good song. It's actually pretty bad. But I sing it in the shower and when I'm walking down the street. Can't get enough. Thought I'd share.

Try to not love this song. Impossible I tell you.

Smooth and sexy. Kind of how I like my men...

I like these Doctor Rosen Rosen remixes even better than the originals. They're grrrrreat.

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