Monday, July 12, 2010

Ramble ramble ramble

I can practically read your thoughts right now. You're sitting in your desk chair totally bored. You've already looked at Perez 6 times today, read the news once, Facebook a few times and then you remember to check in with your trusty bored go to- Glitter Me This. As the page downloads you think to yourself, "please have a new post, please have a new post" but ugh sigh it's the same pictures at the top of the page that were there since Thursday. You get slightly annoyed but don't miss a beat, quickly clicking away to see if Perez has updated again in the past 10 minutes. I know the feeling, and I'm sorry to let you down (but thank god for Perez and his full time job of updating his blog every 30seconds so we'll never experience boredom again!!).

All of this rambling has a point, I promise. My computer broke. Eh, ok, I use the word broke loosely. My battery finally died after about a year of a slow-draining agonizing decline that I have been ignoring in the hopes of not having to spend $200. Every few weeks my computer and I played a game with each other where it would just turn off then pop back on a few hours later like "gotcha!" I would get pissed at the computer during those few hours, talk to it nicely, pace around the room, then poof it would wake up and I would clap my hands and cheer and we'd be up and running for a few weeks till the little sucker would do it all over again. (but picture me clapping with just my palms and my fingers stretched out really straight- kind of like how dumb girls or toddlers clap- that's how I do it when my computer turns on.)

Sorry...point..I promise.

I have some great posts to get to you but all of them require my computer and my computer is down right now. So...that's it. That was my point...just saying hi. And more posts coming soon. Yayyy! (Toddler clap).

PS- The picture above was one of the highlights of a very fun weekend. We went to the park in Brooklyn to watch a dodgeball tournament and they had a DJ there and I danced and danced and blew bubbles. As I was leaving a couple asked me if I could blow bubbles for their toddler. As I'm entertaining the adorable little baby, a 4-month-old bulldog came up to us and started trying to eat the bubbles, he had terrible balance and kept falling over. If you know anything about me you know that I just stood there squealing because I was on cuteness overload. Baby! Puppy!! Who do I pet first!!? Eeeeee. Oh god then the bulldog started licking the baby and the baby tried to go for a ride on the bulldog. All that was missing from this moment of perfection was a golden retriever puppy and like a pot of gold. Heaven.

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  1. I love this post. 1. because i can picture you with the computer situation, and 2. because i can picture the squealing with happiness about the kid and dog. Haha. Love it