Friday, July 30, 2010

Mazel Tov

Excuse me everyone... WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE OBSESSION OVER CHELSEA CLINTON'S WEDDING? Sorry, pardon my caps lock but I DON'T GET IT. Please tell me you have noticed this absolute media obsession going on right now. Ummm when did the world start caring about Chelsea Clinton? Oh right, when she discovered a hair straightener. She's getting married! Yay!

Side note: While I have always liked Chelsea, my real true love of the Clinton administration was Socks Clinton... remember him? It was the white paws that got me. Funny story really fast: My family has always played a game called the Initial Game, it's kind of like 20 questions. You give the initials of someone and the other people have to guess using yes/no questions who the person is. It's great for dinners and long car rides, or other times when my family has nothing left to say to each other. The funniest initials that goes down in Wilinsky history were SC for Socks Clinton given by my Dad. ("Is this person political?" "Yes, kind of" "Is this person famous?" "You could say so") Runner up for the next best initials were WB for Wolf Blitzer given by my brother when he was like 6.

Anyway...what was my point? CHELSEA WATCH 2K10. If you've been living under a rock, I'll describe what's been happening. For the past few weeks, Chelsea Clinton's upcoming nuptials to investment banker, Marc Mezvinsky have led every major news program I've watched. Here, here, here, here, here to name a few. My favorite headline comes from Politico: "Chelsea's Wedding, What We Know." Can you say media obsession? There are countdowns and dress analysts and segments on "how to get her look for less." There has even been a no fly zone instituted over part of New York to prohibit paparazzi helicopters- all covering the wedding of a girl who they only started caring about after she kind of got pretty after many excruciatingly frizzy-haired, awkward years in the White House. Yesterday on the Today Show, they had Natalie Moralis on location for like 5 minutes (broadcasting eternity) then pitched to a full blown interview with 2 party planners to analyze everything from the guest list to the toilets. This went on for additional 5 minutes. I was sitting there, getting ready for work, with my jaw dropped.

Ok fine. Bill and Hill are 2 of the most prominent people in country. It's the First Family. She used to be ugly, now she's pretty. The wedding will cost (an estimated) 5-15 million dollars. I just happen to think it's hysterical that she has never exactly been treated as America's Sweetheart and then gasp! someone put a ring on the ugly duckling and now the country cares. I just hope they keep it classy, like my true favorite First Family, and have a 6ft tall giant granite cross for the photo ops.

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