Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My friend's nails

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before friends are really cool. Really, really cool. You may wonder, how do you know they're cool? Well you see, my friend coolness scale is usually determined by these simple questions:

-Are they funny?
-Do they think I'm funny?
-Do they like good music?
-Do they have a dog?
-Are their nails pretty? no particular order of course...

Yes, I like when my friends are funny. I like when they own pets. Generally it helps when they are honest, kind and loyal as well. But really lets just lay it out cool girlfriends have really nice nails. And that's why I keep them around.

Taking it a notch cooler, my friends like to send me unsolicited text message pictures of their dogs. And of their moms. And sometimes of their outfits before they go out. But my favorite beyond favorite texts are random pictures I get of their nails.

Nail pics! Clearly, I will now post them online for all the world to enjoy as much as I do.


Oopsy how'd that little lady get in there?



Pointless post? I think not!


  1. Oh LaLa I just love you soooooo much. More pics to come!