Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1000 reasons to smile

It's common knowledge that I don't have a camera, it's so fun yay! So to give you the riveting photos that I post on GMT, I use the trusty iPhone. Over the past year or so, I've established quite the photo gallery that includes lots of random puppies, lots of random street art, and some self pics of me making kissy faces that I'll one day post in a Facebook album called **aLL aBouT Me**

The other day I was on a shoot for a tech show I'm working on (I'll tell you all about it sometime, this show is going to be awesome). We were at the Etsy headquarters in Dumbo, Brooklyn and I was iPhone snapping away because the place was so cool. Seriously, every single thing in the place was made by a Etsy artist and it was perfection. I was looking through my pictures after the shoot and I realized with a gasp: I've taken 1000 pictures!!


I flipped through some of the 1000 pictures I've taken this year (most of them for the blog) and smiled so big when I came to the 1000th. Pretty perfect, dontcha think?

Make something good today, glitt'o babes.

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