Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

We had a glorious glorious class at Cottonwood Point Elementary School called R.E.A.D. It was an acronym for something that I can't remember but fittingly, it was a library class. R.E.A.D. was 30 minutes of pure bliss followed by 30 more minutes of bliss which was computer class (floppy disks, Oregon trail- basically a whole Flashback Friday worth of content right there).

I have vivid memories sitting on these pillow/chair/crazy creek type things and reading....FEAR STREET. The boys got their Goosebumps, we got our Fear Street. Raise your hand if you remember these! Raise your hand if you loved reading time!


"Brady Karlin is getting on with his life. The memory of his girlfriend- killed in a gruesome sledding accident last year- is beginning to fade. Now he's met Rosha Nelson, the girl of his dreams. And now he's never been happier. Until Brady starts to see a strange figure- with a terribly scarred face- following him everywhere. Until the horrible accidents start happening- every time Rosha's around. Has dating Rosha made Brady's dreams come true? Or brought his worst nightmares back to life?"

"As the Shadyside High School prom queen candidates are brutally murdered one by one, leaving only one, everyone speculates as to whether she will be the killer's next target."

"Tina can't wait for her first college weekend at her boyfriend's college. However, when she arrives, Josh's roommate Chris is there to meet her. He tells her Josh went camping and couldn't get back in time. Tina soon becomes suspicious as Chris is a little creepy and may even be obsessed."

"Driving back from a ski weekend, Ariel, Shannon, and Doug have offered their new friend Red a ride home. When a blizzard makes the roads nearly impassable, Red leads the teens to a farmhouse where they can spend the night. Unfortunately, their shelter is not the safe haven it appears: it's residents have their own plans for Ariel and her friends."

And my absolute favorite...THE FACE.

"Why can't she remember? They say something horrible happened that day. But Martha can't remember any of it- not the smallest detail. They say it will come back to her in time. But someone wants her to remember now. She draws his face, over and over- the face of a dead boy. She can't control her hand. And she can't remember how he died. But she's going to find the answer. Even if it lies with the dead."

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