Friday, July 8, 2011

Glitt'o Box

Fillin' your Friday with some videos:

Been wanting to post this piece of perfection for a while now, I'm so sorry for holding out this long:

This MIA remake (or did they just rip it off? hmmm I don't know) is getting me pummmped for the weekend. I want to dance! I want to wear glitter! I'm also undoubtably going to be straight stealing some of these dance moves to incorporate into my everyday life. Waaatch out:

Remember when I was on a Beyonce kick and she could do no wrong in my eyes? That was sooo last month. She did wrong. She did very wrong. I'm absolutely hating her lastest video (doesn't help that I also can't stand the song). Her hair reminds me of a rats nest. I get very defensive that it's not Jay in the video with her. It looks cheaply made. It's boring. So...thought I'd share! Enjoy!

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