Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday

A glorious, glorious announcement came last week. It was like an announcement sent from heaven, really.

Pop Up Video is coming back.

WAHOOO!!! Pop Up Video!!!!!! Just the sound of the intro (that gulp, gulp, gulp of the bubbles) invokes happy memories from my 90s childhood. Now that I think about it, Pop Up Video definitely had something to do with my early interest in the TV production world. I clearly remember being like 9 years old, watching the show and thinking how cheap it must be to produce. Who thinks that way when they're 9? Apparently me. Pop Up Video made you feel smarter, made you like songs more and was just damn cool. In an age where music videos on TV are all but obsolete, I say: welcome back old pal, you've been missed!!

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