Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Pony Cafe review

Sunday morning Liz, Daniel and I stumbled around the LES looking for a yummy brunch spot. Liz wanted mexican, chinese or a burger. I wanted a tall glass of water. Daniel just wanted to find a Hollister store (ew, kidding)- We looked ridiculous- they were both dressed in a hodge podge of clothing because they were moving that day and I thought it was appropriate to wear my sparkly sunglasses in public. So needless to say we were quite the show.

We stumbled upon the Pink Pony Cafe on Ludlow and Stanton and had ourselves quite the lovely time. The first thing I noticed about the Pink Pony was the adorableness of the place. I wanted to pinch its round little cheeks and give it a nice pat on the head. The space is warm and inviting and completely boho chic and the vaulted ceilings eliminate any closed in/stuffy feeling.

The second thing I noticed about Pink Pony was the service. This is not somewhere to take your parents or anyone that cares about service at all. We literally had to ask them to bus a table so we could sit down, ask them for glasses for water, ask them to pour the water, ask them for menus. You get the idea. A dude in an oversized LRG hoodie and flat billed cap (he was also clearly messed up) comes over to the table and just stands there and looks at us, I said umm do we tell you what we want? He like giggled at me, and said that if I want food I should probably tell it to him. Of course we all were complete messes ourselves so instead of getting mad we giggled right along with the kid and had a good ole time. I was already loving this place when Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice started blasting from the speakers followed by Bob Dylan's Tangled Up in Blue- need I say more? This place was a complete joke.

However- the food at Pink Pony made up for anything the service lacked. Liz ordered a burger and shoe string fries, Daniel got a salad and I got a banana, honey and peanut butter sandwich.

The burger was perfection- totally simple patty, perfectly cooked on a soft buttery brioche roll- it was so juicy that the brioche acted as a sponge. Perrrrfect. The shoestring fries were crunchy and addictive.

Daniel got a salad which was lame. Something that was not lame? The high quality shaved Parm on top, of course I picked it all out and ate it all up because I'm nice.

My sandwich totally hit the spot- it was $8 and essentially peanut butter on bread but I knew that when I ordered and it was yummy.

All and all, a totally fun and silly experience and a definite recommendation if you have 4 hours to kill for a sandwich.

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  1. OMG I love banana and peanut butter sandwiches! They are my favorite- my new favorite thing is nutella. Try it with peanut butter. Heaven in between bread!!