Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reasons I love New York #9

Empire State Building + spring

Lovely warm Easter Sunday spent doing work in the park amidst tulips and easter egg hunts

Happy sparkly high school reunions

New art popping up all around my building. Waiting to see something written up about it to tell me more details

One word for you: Ghostbusters

Random people singing in public
(This picture doesn't do the situation justice at all but I hear this amazing voice while I was waiting for the subway so I went to check it out. This guy was another basic subway station guitar player and I don't know how but this random girl started singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough along with him and she was UNBELIEVABLE. There was the biggest crowded watching her and everyone was singing along then the train pulls up, everyone claps and she gets on as if nothing happened. It was crazy)

Roses from Bodegas that brighten up the streets

Kenny Scharf's Houston St. installation

Brother riding subway with hilariously unflattering posture

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