Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Go West


Backstory:  some of my MIP (most important people) have moved from NYC all within the past year and a half.  I call it the Great Western Migration.    Thankfully all of my friends have been incredibly happy with their respective moves (and I'm so happy for them) but sadly,  I've been wandering around NYC like a lost puppy in their absence.   I miss my friends.   

I got an email from Frontier advertising a killer, killer "Go West" sale the other day.   After a quick call to each MIP, I said aloud to my computer:  "Why yes Frontier, I will Go West. 

Over the next 10 days I'll be bopping around to LA, San Francisco and Seattle and I'm literally BOPPING around with joy.  

 This is the sign in the Denver Airport for an ATM.  Dumb question:  does ATM stand for Automated Teller Machine?  Should I have just asked that?   Shit pretend I didn't ask that.  (but does it?)

Shoeshines are one of my secret joys in life.  At a particularly tubular shoe shine during my Denver layover, Denise, my awesomely manly shoeshiner took a blowtorch to my boots.   She also told me that her favorite shoe to shine is ostrich leather because when she rubs it it's like a massage for her too.  It wasn't as creepy when she said it, I promise.   

Convos with pals. 

Whilst writing this post. (Ginger tea not pictured)
I mean...could I be any happier right now?  May I gently remind you that it's 10 degrees at home.  10.   THIS WAS A PHENOMENAL DECISION. 

I haven't seen friends yet, or really done anything yet, so hopefully these posts will get better!  Have a great day everyone!   

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