Tuesday, January 8, 2013


August 2, 2011.  

Let's call it D-Day.

We'll speak it's name in this post and never refer to it again. 

D.Day.   The day I left you.  WITH. A. KE$HA. POST.

A Ke$ha post?  That was so rude.  

There are no words to describe how much I've missed you...and missed this.  I left without a word and without any notice and to you, my dear readers, I'm so sorry.   I don't think I can ever express how truly sad and sorry I am.  

multicolored-highly-stylized-handwritten-glitter apology could help?

The truth is, I started a new job the week after I stopped blogging and looking back, I realize that I became so exhausted all the time and so overwhelmed by my new role that I just couldn't handle it all.  Let's just lay it out there...I lost the creative spark.  I let GMT, my great love, escape me and a void slowly crept into it's place.   BOOM!  Just as fast as it came...the glitter died.

Tonight I did something that I haven't done in a year and a half...I read my own blog.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think I've been so upset that I blocked it out.  I literally haven't gone on it.  Deep down, I've known that I didn't want to blog or to even deal with it until I was truly ready to commit.  I didn't want to even post an apology until I'm ready to write poems, upload pictures and share glittery tidbits of puppies and sparkle and happiness.  

Tonight, I felt ready to read (2 glasses of wine?) and you guys...I loved it.  I read my own words and I smiled (and laughed and maybe cried a little).  Tonight I became my own biggest fan.  

The road to finding my glitter is going to be slow.  I'm not used to it and I'm not as confident. (And for the love of god they've totally changed the whole Blogger format and it's AWFUL- I'll probably write a whole post on that later).  But I promise you and I promise myself, I'm going to get it back...post by post...piece by piece.  I want to refind my voice, refind my silliness and refind GMT.  

Thank you for being patient with me in the process and thank you for loving GMT more than I knew anyone ever did.  The responses that I've recieved in the past year have made me realize that I've truly been a part of your lives (most of the time it's that bored part when you're at work and like to click things and read silly nonsense..but I'll take it!!). Thank you for reading.  I love you.  

Let's do this again shall we?

Sparkle on,


Glitter Me This.  I'm back bitches.

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