Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback Friday- Scaredy Cat

Random baby Lara pic.   Accessorizing since 1986.

Story time!  In NYC, some apartments are heated by steam pipes that run throughout the home.  Sometimes these pipes make banging and hissing noises as the steam expands through them.  It's kinda an NYC thing and you generally get used to it (always creepy but tolerable).    Well in good ol' apartment TA, it's no longer tolerable.  I've been woken up at 4am all this week to banging noises so intense that it shakes my bed.  This intense banging has happened before and I'm told it's normal by the building maintenance people. But I'm sorry,  THIS CAN'T BE NORMAL.  I swear it sounds like they're about to break.  And annoyingly, it's the worst in my bedroom.  

So last night I was shaken awake by the bangs, and it was so loud that I was actually terrified.   Even my plant, Herbie, was swaying in his pretty pot.  It was awful.  After tossing and turning and jumping at every crash and bang, there was only one thing I could do.   Get in bed with Liz

Her room was so cool and so quiet and her blankies so warm.   The banging was immediately dissolved into a scary memory of the past.  She moved over and let me hop right in. As I laid there wide awake with a mild case of PTSD, I was struck with a sweet thought:   18 years ago she let me climb into her bed at camp when I was homesick.   A lifetime has passed, we've grown up, and now it's those damn steam pipes.... and there is Liz and her bed, still making me feel better when I'm scared.  

Circa '10- lookin gooood ladies.

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