Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Viva La Fishnette

Let's kick off this return to blogging with a hard-hitting bang shall we? That's right, I'm talking about nail stickers. I decided it was time to give them another go so last night (after meandering around CVS for way too long) I settled on the fishnet. Ask me why the fishnet. I'll tell you. The butterfly/flower/glitter motifs felt so Spring AND the gold base of the fishnet looked really good with the the coat I was wearing. Fishnet it was. I said this blog post was going to be hard-hitting, I do not lie. 

While normally I have a very positive relationship with these adhesive bits of fun (documented here and here). Last night just wasnt my night. 2 nails into it and my ADD kicked in. I instagrammed, flipped the record like 3 times, danced a wee bit, wrote this blog post and ate popcorn. An hour, 400 calories and only 2 glitzy nails later... I finally continued. Reason #3852 WHY I PAY PEOPLE TO DO THIS FOR ME

Verdict is: its a tad subtle. Turns out when I take the time to sticker my own nails I want the full out BAM effect of butterflies or glitter or something. You live and you learn.
Ta da!  

Another verdict: Side B on Petula Clark's "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener" album is officially unlistenable. I may be cheery but there's only so much blind positivity and uptempo beats a girl can take. Sorry Petula.

Listen to: Petula Clark: Black Coffee here.  (One of the songs I thoroughly enjoyed on side A not side B)

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  1. I think they turned out very pretty. You could always add a few rhinestones where the lines meet for a bit of added bling if you wanted. :0)