Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I miss Christina Ricci

As the avid Glitter Me This reader that you are, you undoubtedly know that I often blog about awards shows- the Grammys, the Oscars- sometimes even in a live post format.

Together we marvel at the glitter, oogle at the sparkles and applaud the celebrity's hard work and effort of not eating for 3 months.

While last night wasn't an awards show, it was the most exciting night in fashion (and glitter and sparkles and lack of eating) and therefore must recapped on the blogdiggity. The MET GALA. Full disclosure, I just stole all of these pictures from Huffington Post. Oops.

Legally-published and larger-version photos click here.


Is this that Twilight girl who's dating a Jo bros? Why is she famous? Love the dress though, a lot.

Oh hello Christina Ricci! I think you just might be the best dressed of the night! I miss you, make a movie soon? K, thanks. (Actually, does she have a tv pilot coming out or am I crazy?)

Margene is looking FIIIIERCE. I think I'd go as far as saying that Ginnifer Goodwin and Rachel Bilson (where was she at this thing??) are my two favorite- always surprising me- always looking amazing- actresses.

Damnnnn Swifty! Loving the makeup, wow.

Can't stand her BUT this is definitely the best I've ever seen Rumor Willis look. Even her forehead looks minimized- it's a miracle!

Leelee is it really you!? I love love love this dress. So simple and yet gorgeous. Love the makeup too. Remember when they threw Alpo dog food at her at the end of Never Been Kissed? That always made me so sad. Moving on.

My newly rekindled love affair of all things JLo continues.

Not obsessed with this but I figured it was worth mentioning. Her body, as always, is lookin bangin'. I can't really figure out the dress but I have a feeling it's above my realm of understanding. I like the hair color but I wish she wasn't so tan and matchy. Her pale skin would've popped with that red.

I would wear this outfit every single day of my life if it was socially acceptable...and if I had her body.

Not so favs:

Dear Mary Kate, stop acting like Cousin It. Take a cue from your more put together sister, pull your hair off your face and show a little cleavage. Your acting career will thank you. (although, her face does look beautiful and I love the color combo's she has going on. Just sick of the look all together)

Boring. ::sigh::

Why do I hate every single thing Leighton Meister puts on her body? Regardless of the bad dress- work those clavicles and shoulders, girlfriend!

Renee Zellwigers back. Holy moly she is skinny. And her lips are pouty. Trouty pouty skinny back lady.

That's all.


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